Monday, January 21, 2008

Faction activities galore

This week has been a flurry of faction events for the DeSanggria family, starting off with †Legion†. Last Saturday we visited Chrysalis and Dr. Fran once again in the Corridor of Assize. Along with some of our Veteran mates (with the special participation of Warhogs hehe), we easily pawned Chrysalis, but took a beating out of Dr. Fran. We were nearly wiped out too, if not for a few who were quick to resu the others.

Everybody gathers for a pictorial in Gehenna


But the disaster started when my brother stupidly unplugged the router, and thus I was disconnected from the server right in the thick of the battle. =_="

Nevertheless, the guys were able to beat the crap out of Dr. Fran and got the loot. Some were still on a high after the raid, so we took on the Golden Bat in the Capybara Plantation to farm for some keys.

I think I died quite a few times while we were doing the raid because the Ugly Slug (aka the Golden Bat itself) kept on chasing me. It seemed that it was inevitable that I had to be the sacrificial lamb while our tankers Spardo, TheLastLegion and Leks began their handiwork while our ranged characters whacked it from afar.

Pwned by teh Ugly Slug

I must say that we farmed about 5 or so of the Ugly Slug while passing the time. It was quite fun actually, and I'm looking forward for a Hellbreaker raid sometime soon.


Meanwhile, me and pCM Veya attended the faction EB of Outcasts from Caracci. Incidentally, it was Haagendazz's birthday as well and we had an avalanche of pies to pig out on. I met the fun and lively players of Outcasts and some of the people behind the Caracci Republican Alliance (with Fiksdotter and Takhisis Faction) and I have to say that these guys are closely knit that they know each other's life stories.

Fun with Outcasts Faction

And with the prodding of the guys, I made a visit to Caracci and had my noob family leeched by Southernsky and DMB. I even tried joining the chat in Ventrilo. These guys are freaking hilarious. Srsly.

Leech mode c/o Southernsky's Hill Giant summon

Here's to hoping more fun gatherings with Outcasts! See you guys in Caracci. ^_~


Oh and just today, I got reported as a botter in Caracci. Super! *drips with sarcasm*

I guess the non-PK server's way of getting back at you is to actually send you to the dungeons as a bot. Wow. Talk about getting the ultimate piss off. It's a good thing I wasn't AFK that time.


NineMoons Family said...

OMG you too were reported as a bot! that's so rude of them....

DeSanggria said...

@9moons: you said it! really ticked me off. =_=

filsimmer said...

Whee! Another gathering! Too bad I wasn't part of it! (-.-;) Hope I get another chance soon!

You were reported as a botter? Man, that's so low! Good thing you were able to prove your innocence! :D