Monday, January 14, 2008

[Picspam Aftermath] POGS 2008 + Thoughts on CW

As most of you all well know, the Philippine Online Gaming Summit (POGS) 2008 was held at the TriNoma Mall. As part of the GE PH team, I spent my Sunday covering the event, along with my GE blogger friends.

Right at the mall opening, there was already a long queue of people buying their copy of GAME! Magazine, which serves as their ticket to the event. I felt quite proud to see the latest issue being sold like hotcakes, with the GE cover story written by none other than NineMoons.

Anyway, I spent most of the day hanging out with NineMoons, the Reclusion brothers, Fixdotter, Mena, Sigrid, BlackSword, and a few other new found friends from Caracci. Speaking of which, I've observed that the Caracci players are rather active in attending events, though it would be nice to see a good representation of PH players in all servers in GE-related events.

Anyhoo, there was much activity in POGS, starting of with the 2vs2 PvP Tournament in which some of the GE bloggers took part of, along with the AdeptasFraternas boys (who emerged victorious in the tourney as expected :P). I was also able to bully ask the technical peepz to play on the big screen two of the winning entries to the Fantazztic Film Awards: Not Another Love Story? and Lonely Hearts Club II.

The event was also an opportune time for us to have an unofficial bloggers' meeting when we had dinner that night. We've talked about a lot of things, mostly about the game and the community, and a few other stuff. But before I ramble further, I'll kill your browsers with some of the pictures in the event. Hehe.

GE PH Bloggers DeSanggria, Darrick Reclusion, NineMoons, Mena, pCM Veya, Fiksdotter, Nate Reclusion

Charles (Outcasts Faction), Darrick, Fiksdotter, Sigrid, me, NineMoons, Mena & Sigrid's friend (forgot your name wah! T_T)

Nate showing off his babies wearing Le Blanc and The Bracelet of the 3 Kings ( * 3 * )

An endless sea of people...

Another vanity shot from the boys.

Mena & Fiksdotter prepare for the tournament (with photo is GE PH Product Manager Ivee Feria)

Fiksdotter-Mena Team of Takhisis v. Pinkzy-Hudiciaro of AF

The Reclusion brothers all prepped up for PvP.

Lonely Hearts Club II on the big screen!

pCM Veya gets interviewed by the POGS host.

Me & Veya with the AF boys.

Nabbed from Fiksdotter: GE Bloggers Tea Par-tay! XD


Since I wasn't around to take peek at yesterday's war, I was naturally surprised to see Reconquista down to 5 colonies from last week's 13. O.O Shocking indeed.

Meanwhile, EdeN and Eclipse are getting back on track with 5 colonies each. Not bad, people. ^_^

We have familiar faces on the map again this week, but this time, it's more of a proverbial shift in power. Congratulations to all colony holders! ^_~ Here's to seeing more diversity in Colony Wars in the weeks to come!


filsimmer said...

Yay! Thanks for the company! It was a really great and fun get-together for the Philippines Community.

I hope we grow bigger and bigger each passing event! :D

DeSanggria said...

@fil: had a great time as well. we should do this more often! hehe.