Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Bot Reporting...

Since yesterday's eventful experience of being reported as a bot (albeit stupid and nonsensical really), I am seriously considering not going AFK training after one of my mates in Outcasts was sent once again to prison just for AFKing.

Considering that non-PK servers don't have the privilege of killing another player for baron points, bot reporting others in order to take certain spots has been quite the trend. Forget about summoning spinelles and ambers...why bother? Just send the person to prison and let them spend their time killing rats and berating the turd who sent them there.

I just have to say that this is a tad bit unfair. I think it's better to AFK than to resort to actual botting, and reporting players for lvling in peace is but a stupid way just to get even. People have been abusing this feature to get back at their enemies instead of remaining vigilant against those who cheat in-game. It's becoming another form of harassment, especially in non-PK servers, and this isn't helping at all. It's becoming a vicious cycle and it has got to stop.

I hope there is a way to address this issue so as not to be repeatedly abused by those who are just on a weird vengeance trip.

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