Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I srsly WTF-ed... Happy Anne is happy. ^_^

You have limited access to the game. Please contact Customer Service.

That was the message that greeted me when I logged in last night. And I just stared blankly at my screen before trying again and again to log in until finally giving up.

I've been banned in GE. And I srsly do not know the farking reason why.

There were no warnings, no heads up that were made. As far as my knowledge serves me, I have never done anything fraudulent, nor have I violated the game's terms of use. I would rather cut off my hand than bot or use any third party programs for that matter.

Oh well, life sucks.


As of 11:35 this morning, I've been informed that my account has been unsuspended. Yayness!!! I checked my email as well for IAH's Customer Service reply, and true enough, the DeSanggria Family has been reinstated back into the New World!

My personal gratitude likewise goes to NineMoons and RCM Hrin for all the help they've extended.


Bleu said...

lol congratz hehe ayan oks na kaso mamya pa ata maka log in? maintennance nga ba? hehe anyways ako mamya pa tlga ako late na maka log in :D gratz gratz

DeSanggria said...

ate carmin! hehe. salamat din! buti na-aksyunan kagad. hehe. baka mabaliw ako ng di oras pag di ako nakalaro. wakekeke!!

filsimmer said...

Oh thank god at least you were able to resolve the issue! It's a good thing you did the right thing and I wouldn't believe you got banned for no reason at all!

DeSanggria said...

thanks for the kind words, marvin. the peepz from iah were gracious enough to promptly address the issue. i'm just happy i'm back in GE. ^_^

Anonymous said...

glad to help, kahit konti.

~NineMoons, too lazy to log in