Sunday, February 17, 2008

GE Bloggers meet once again

Today was quite a productive one for me, despite the fact that I purposely skipped Colony Wars to co-spearhead the 2nd GE PH bloggers meeting. Together with some of my good friends and fellow bloggers in GE, we spent the afternoon talking about the game and our recent experiences about it.

The group was mainly composed of fairly active gamers, with majority of the bloggers present have been blogspotted in the sGE website. We naturally talked about the issues besetting not just the PH community, but the entire SEA GE gamers as well. The points of discussion were somewhat lengthy and would be better off seen and heard (no pun intended :P) by the respective distributors of the game, but we did arrive at a consensus to help mobilize the community to become more pro-active when it comes to concerns that matter most to all of us who play the game.

And since most of us were likewise participants to the Fantazztic Film Awards, we talked much about each other's films, spurning great interest in what transpired in the discussions that happened in the forums as well.

Looking back on the 1st bloggers meeting, there were only quite a handful who attended, but today saw the addition of new faces, and hopefully, more bloggers into the fore of becoming the voice of the community. And for that, let me applaud the following people who attended:

To end this post, I will kill your browsers once again with a few pictures from our fun meeting. XD

The meeting was sponsored by Starbucks (aka Commoner's Coffee) and an overwhelming supply of Choc-O-Star (to which Nate gladly pigged out on).

The perfunctory group pic, less NineMoons, who was the photographer on this one.

Zeh lady bloggers: (top) Lucido, NineMoons, (bottom) Illuvien, Sigrid, DeSanggria

Le blogger boys: (top) Blacksword, Mena, D Reclusion, Artaxerxes, (bottom) mitchin, Deniva, N Reclusion, Fiksdotter

For more camwhoring goodness, point your browsers over here.

Please stay tuned for my post-event account of the recently concluded Victorian Valentine Ball, in which GE PH paricipated in. ^_^

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