Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meeting celebs + Heart greetings

In the course of my usual plvling activities in both Caravaggio and Carracci, it's nice to see some familiar people to brighten up one's typical, boring day.

Just last Sunday, look who I bumped into at Ustiur Zona Uno?

Why, it's Franco La Passion himself! Good thing he wasn't peeved when I mentioned Monsieur Andre. Hehe.

And of course, I won't pass up the opportunity to meet Empress Selva in the flesh! Well, virtually that is.

Let me also take this opportunity to great you all a Happy Heart's Day! Spread the lurve!

Team Carracci: Belgarion, Tala, Sidapa

Team Cervantes: Verdandi, Alaena, Cyradis

Team Caravaggio: Ehlana, Armeo, Riza

Team Pachelbel: Azulan, CeVanne, Althalus

Team Vivaldi: Polgara, Minea, Xantha

Familia DeSanggria

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