Friday, February 1, 2008

The rebirth of CARNAGE

Just when I thought things were getting bland in GE, I received a pleasant surprise from my friend, Ogasawara.

Are we looking at the possible return of Cervantes' well-known faction since CBT?

I sincerely hope so. If that were the case then I'll have more reasons to visit (and to level) the first DeSanggria team. But I'm even more excited to join my first friends in GE...and perhaps to put some spark back in Cervantes Colony Wars. ^_~


Anonymous said...

let's hope so.. seer invited me to play GE again. ^_~
Estradz YMed me and told me to play.
ahahaha take care anne!


DeSanggria said...


hoi bumalik ka ng GE amf ka!!! babalik nakong cervantes pag nabuhay ang carnage. hahahaha!!!