Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cosplay the GE way

Even before I got hooked into GE, I've always been a huge fan of cosplays, and have been cosplaying since 2000. As die-hard hobbyists, most of my friends and I would drool over the gorgeous costume designs in Granado Espada. Sans the awestruck expressions on our faces, you can almost hear the collective whirring in our minds as we contemplated on how to build the costume. I, for one, would look at the characters from all perspectives, taking note of the details and the possible materials on how to bring to life such a magnificent design.

While I was going around my usual surfing (was looking for a Grace Bernelli avatar hehe), I stumbled upon MMO site's gallery of Granado Espada cosplayers.

Hmm..lemme see.There's a male wizard in Clara Mago robes wielding a (huge) Staff of Simurgh, male elementalist in Robe of Fire, Emilia Guliano with a Unicorn staff, male musketeer in a Striform suit (I forgot what pistols are those XD), female wizard in Clara Mago wielding Staff of Gnosis, male fighter in Camisa de Soldado, Catherine the Summoner, female elementalist in Robe of Fire, and Cath's doll, Helena. The last guy at the far right side looks like a scout in Renoir costume (not so sure though).

I have to say that these people must be avid players of the game to have put such dedication to the details, down to the expression of the characters. It's absolutely astounding. Although I may have to comment a bit on some of the details and accessories, but these guys totally bowled me over. The setting, the facial expressions and stances all spoke of their familiarity of the game. Amazing.

View the gallery here.

Now if I can only haul my friends for a GE group cosplay x pictorial...

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