Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saving the New World from rats

"Have you got everything we need, Garion?" Tala asked as she polished her bayonet.

"We're all set to go, sis." Garion handed the last pack of healing potions to Sidapa, to which she faithfully stored in her trusty bags.

Tala eyed her twin brother with raised eyebrows. "What's up with the clothes?" she asked, pertaining to Garion's swim wear attire.

Garion smiled impishly. "Oh nothing. I thought maybe I can score some chicks while we're out on a mission."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh and Sidapa, don't tell me you want to score some hunks too?"

Sidapa made a piroutte and gave a small curtsy. "How do I look?"

"Like a pregnant whale," Tala noted with exasperation as she glanced at the Scout's bear suit. "Never mind. Let's go. We don't want to be late."

After packing their belongings, the DeSanggria family composed of the twins Tala the Musketeer and Belgarion the Wizard, along with their cousin, Sidapa the Scout, trooped to the entrance near the Queen's Gate in Reboldoeux to await their comrades.

Indeed, this new family of heroes who have come from the far corners of the Caravaggio province approached this new mission with much hesitation. Moving from Caravaggio to the province of Caracci was not an easy task for them, as they had to sell their assets in order to start anew. However, the kind and benevolent Outcasts Faction took them under their wing upon hearing of their arrival.

This new mission was a test for them. After learning about the apparent kidnapping of the young summoner, Viki, the Outcasts have enlisted themselves to join in the quest to retrieve the boy. Apparently, rumors of an evil Pied Piper was behind the abduction of the child. This particular mission would test their mettle in combat, after having trained for some time with their faction mates.

"Hello there! You're just in time, guys. You're joining my squad," said the Yecku family. Quite a number of the Outcasts Faction have already gathered near the gates as they awaited their instructions. The air was filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety as the faction discussed their plans for this mission.

Suddenly, a loud voice pierced the air. "Pioneers! I've been hearing rumors of rats sighted around Rion Praire. Are you ready?" The small, shrilly sound of Feng Ling's voice wafted throughout the city.

"Alright people, let's hussle! Move to Rion, now!" Faction leader †Bayushi† commanded.

Tala turned to her brother and cousin and gave a curt nod. Sidapa casted the acceleration buff while Garion moved to the air with swift grace. The team then moved outside the gates to the entrance at Rion.

The team was quite surprised to see a lot of families in the valley. Beyond the distance, Sidapa eyed a pack of rats and gave a disgusted shriek.

Garion didn't waste any time and rained a blast of photon splash on the ugly turds. "What the hell? What are these rodents made of?!" he exclaimed.

Nobody was able to say anything, as ground shook with much ferocity. Then, an ugly roar filled the entire valley.


"Holy crap it's Gerero!"

"@&*#$^#$!!! DIABLO!!!"

A multitude of Diablos and Gereros spawned the fields as everyone scrambled to stay clear of the monsters' AoE attacks. Just as these monsters quickly appeared, instantaneous screams of death followed at their wake. Tala, who was able to dodge some attacks while firing from a distance, got hit by a flying fist of a nearby Gerero, while Garion dropped to the ground as Diablo unleashed its fury. Sidapa, on the other hand, was already lying facedown on the ground.

"It's a massacre here. We need help!" a distraught Fighter cried.

"Pied Piper! Come out, come out!" Feng Ling screeched.

"Feng Ling Jie Jie! Pied Piper's Remora is selling me to Andre Jackson! T.T" Viki's terrified voice cut through the air.

"Who the hell is Andre Jackson?" someone asked.

It was a bit weird to see the exchange of dialogue while everyone was busy trying not to die while the rampage went on. The DeSanggrias were quite helpless as the could not be revived, not while their team mates were busy defending and attacking the monsters as well.

Just as they contemplated on their sorry state, a cool touch swept around them, healing their wounds. They looked up to see a pretty girl in a pink dress with angel wings. Beside her was Feng Ling, who was dressed in a pink and white suit.

"A GM! We're saved! Ress us please, GM!"

Garion bowed. "We owe you our lives, GM Eulalie."

The little girl smiled and walked away. Feeling renewed, the team went around their business to help their fallen comrades. "Sidapa, ress all those who need it. Garion, you and I are taking down that ugly piece of crap over there," Tala pointed to the big, hulking Gerero.

The twins proceeded to hack the monster from a distance, aiding their squadmates. Meanwhile, GM Eulalie was being surrounded by a flock of admirers.

"GM ress please."

"GM we wan m0ar Diablos!!!"



"How about Novia then?"

"GM let's date!"

"This is insane," Tala muttered. She was sandwiched between the mass of Eulalie's followers along with her brother and cousin. Nevertheless, she was thankful for the GM's presence as he buffed everyone with Hrin's Touch as well as revived the fallen families.

I guess this isn't so bad, she thought.

GM Eulalie, who was thoroughly enjoying the attention and the jokes, turned to please everyone by summoning treasure mobs, to which it dropped a few items.

"Man, these are crap stuff!" Garion exclaimed while examining a clean Calabrone.

"Shut up, just be thankful. We can chip the stuff we don't need you idiot," berated Sidapa.

"Wah lao! A lvl 96 chip!" Tala squealed.

Just as when everyone claimed their loot from the treasure mobs, Feng Ling happily announced the success of the mission. Viki was once again safe from the evil clutches of Andre Jackson...errr...the Pied Piper.

"I shall see you soon, everyone." said GM Eulalie, and he vanished...leaving a trail of pink feathers at his wake.


Hope you enjoyed reading my account of the Year of the AraRAT event in Caracci. I also logged in to Caravaggio to take part, but it looks like Caracci's activity was a lot more fun. GM Eulalie was very nice as he (yes it's a he! XD) revived and buffed all of us while we all tried to cajole him into summoning Griffon (no can do though, as Eulalie said). Not only that he also summoned some treasure mobs where we got some nifty loot!

Alas, such did not happen in Caravaggio.

I can't remember how many times I died, although I have to give credit to the GM in attendance as she revived us as well. But most of the time, people relied on their squad scouts' ress powers and buffs.

And perhaps the only significant thing that happened to me was this:

Yeah, he did cream me there. XD Not that I relish the idea of being killed by a boss monster (with an AR and DR of 62 to boot >.<), but doesn't everyone want to be called out by Gerero himself? It would've been better if I brought him down though. But being the noob that I was...hahaha...yeah right.

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