Monday, March 10, 2008

De-stressing in the mountains

Staying awake for 24 hours wasn't exactly my idea of de-stressing after a week's load of work, but it was certainly worth it if you're with the crazy bunch of NineMoons, Rosso, the Reclusions, Fiksdotter and Artaxerxes.

We all met that Saturday night and spent the entire time talking, eating and drinking atop the hills of Antipolo, specifically in Cloud 9. It was a perpetual, backbreaking climb to get there but the chilly air of the night compensated for the hot weather down the polluted streets of Manila. Hehehe.


The blinking skyline view in Cloud 9 was absolutely breathtaking as we watched the city go to sleep. Meanwhile, we feasted on sisig, grilled squid and several bottles of San Mig Light (NineMoons and I shared the margarita drink..squeee!) while talking about GE and the community.

It somehow seemed like another unofficial bloggers meet as we discussed our woes about some particular peepz riding on the following issues:

  • FFA
  • the Republican Alliance (this particular subject got me peeved to a point where I neatly downed all the beer I can probably drink)

Reclusion did lay crumbs along the way, so if you're the curious kid, good luck in finding out who those so-called Gothasaurus (a term coined by the Reclusions). Although I would always say that I'm up for a PvP session with these turds anytime (and I'd be willing to dish up a few tricks here and there just to shut their bloody traps), but I guess I'll just have to wait and see if these guys will grow brains to realize they're a huge nuisance to the community as a whole.

Ok, enough with the harangue.

The only group pic I had...and it's blurred! T_T

Anyway, we did enjoy ourselves that time. We enjoyed so much that we ended up talking until 5AM! I can't believe there was so much to talk about in those hours. Our get-together sort of served as a celebration as well for NineMoon's blog anniversary, so lemme just take this opportunity for a late greeting. Hehehe.

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That's it for now. Until next time!

Read about their exploits about this meeting here:


NineMoons Family said...

thanks for the greet - pero actually early ka pa ^^ the blog anniv is on this coming Thursday, 13 March.

hehe ano kaya gagawin ko for my entry then?

*grabs a margarita*

DeSanggria said...

ha sa thurday pa ba? hehe. sabi kasi ni D nung march 9 daw eh. labo. LOL.

pa-contest ka! hehehe. >:)