Sunday, March 9, 2008

An interview with the Republican President

The beginning of the month saw through the election of the Royalist Duke and the Republican President. We can all say that Colony Wars from this point in time will be fought with much ferocity and ardor, now that the stakes have been drawn and the challenge has been issued. But do you really know your Duke and President?

In this entry, I interviewed the first Republican President of Carracci, †Bayushi†, faction leader of Outcasts. Read on to know more of his plans as the leader of the Republicans, his efforts to mobilize the Alliance, and how his being President has shaped the way he leads his faction as a whole.

Family Name: †Bayushi†
Faction: Outcasts
Family Level: 24
Main Team: Actually this depends on the situation since I intentionally made a lot of characters which will best suit the faction’s activity. I have 2 Claude Baudez (LordClaude and Lord Oliver), 2 fighters (Hitomi no and Empress Kachiko), 2 Catherine’s (LadyKatherine and LadyCatherine), Emilia the Sage (Megumi no) and an Elementalist (Karina no).

DeSanggria (DS): You won the President seat by a landslide. Why did the Republican factions agree to let you take the helm without so much a competition?

†Bayushi† (B): The Republicans placed their trust in Outcasts Faction since we are always active every CW. Also, the Outcasts displayed good showmanship when it comes to every aspect of the game. Being the faction’s leader, the Republicans entrusted the task of the Presidency to me as they believed I can lead them all into battle with the Royalists.

DS: What are your plans as the President of the Republicans?

B: Gearing up the Alliance is the first task that we are doing right now. We all want to give the Royalists a good fight and to make a stand as Republicans, and so we want to equip ourselves with the right ammunition, armors and weapons-wise, as well as battle tactics. But I believe the Republicans go beyond the concept of winning the war. We want to be a united Alliance. As the Republican President, my main goal is to mobilize the Alliance to move as one, to win as one, even to lose as one. Winning and losing is part of the game, but I’d rather have us lose as one team, than to achieve victory as separate factions.

DeSanggria poses with Mr. President

DS: If given the opportunity to be the Chancellor, how will you distribute the tax among your members and the Republicans?

B: This is a very hard task since every Republican faction has varying numbers of attendance every CW. I think the best way to do this is to have a weekly attendance per faction to be submitted to the Alliance auditor, then sum it up, divide the tax by the total number of members present during that CW in order for all players to have an equal share in their hard work.

DS: How has the Presidency changed the way you run Outcasts as its Faction Leader?

B: Some of my members keep on calling me Mr. President, His Excellency and a lot more, but generally speaking, the faction management hasn’t changed since the elections.

DS: How will you mobilize the Republicans into a strong, solid Alliance?

B: For now, all I can do is to educate each faction leader about the appropriate attitude which best suits the situation of the Republicans here in Carracci and to bring it down to their subordinates. An alliance must always have faith and trust within the group in order for us to achieve our goal. Also, since it is hard for us to gain a colony because of the dominating presence of the Royalists here in Caracci, we must always do our part and avoid pointing fingers every time we fail. This will lessen misunderstandings and unwanted debates which happened with the old Republican Alliance.

†Bayushi† and his l337 toys

DS: The Royalists have dominated the Carracci map for a long time. How will the Republican Alliance change this?

B: As of now, the real issue here is about numbers. The ratio of the Royalists versus the active Republicans is 3:1 or even 4:1. We are trying hard to have more active members in order to increase the population of the Republican Army.

“We may not win this war, but we will meet them in battle nonetheless.” – Theoden, Lord of the Rings Two Towers and Return of the King

DS: What can you say about the Royalist Duke, Chan (FL of Destiny)?

B: Chan is a good friend of mine and I know he will be a responsible Duke and Chancellor. He speaks rarely but is very friendly.

†Bayushi† wearing the Sword of Freedom

DS: What's the best thing about being the Republican President?

B: More work, no pay. Just kidding ^_^. Popularity and respect is what I earned from being the President of the Republicans. I am enjoying it, but I really am not used to being addressed as Mr. President because I prefer being called by my name, Riko.

DS: Any message for the Republicans and the Royalists?

B: Faith is all it takes for us to achieve our goals. Trust is what we need to have a solid foundation with the people who share the same vision. We are the Republicans of Caracci! Through faith and trust, we will move on to survive as one!


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