Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My first l337 toy

I made a bold move to spend the remaining part of my salary to buy 12k Gpoints in order to work on farming for pure otites. With Amihan the Elementalist, my 4th veteran, finally joining the ranks some 2 weeks ago, I figured it would be best to start working on those 92 elites.

Perhaps the easiest bunch to create was the Elite Skullic Bracer, now that I've topped up my previous IOTM code. And so on that fateful Easter Sunday, I made my way to Tierra de los Muertos and started the gruelling task of killing undead uglies.

Needless to say, going to and fro this dark domain can be a bit boring, especially if the Gloomy Old Man happened to be in a foul disposition and only gives you 1 pure otite per visit. I thought I'd be doing the quest all day, that was until a party of PO farmers added me up to their squad, thus ending my long standing gripe about the stingy old man and the seemingly neverending quest of reaching the 30 PO mark.

Happy little girl with her l337 toy

That day truly was a good one for me, as I've finally earned Amihan's first 92 l337 toy.

Many thanks to my squadmates that Sunday. I hope to bump on you guys for my next PO farming. ^_^

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