Sunday, March 30, 2008

[Picspam] Girl gamers...not a myth!

And today's event was proof of that.

The Girl Gamer Gathering, spearheaded by pCM Veya, gathered the female GE gamers to a day of freeplay and chit chat. I am happy to say that the servers were well represented, well, except for Caravaggio which had no representatives.

Anyway, I saw some familiar faces there while enjoying the freeplay that time, not to mention the fact that I made new friends.

Among the familiar faces I saw was Riasa, known in-game as stormseeks from Vivaldi. I've known her for a long time in the cosplay community, and I think I dragooned her into playing GE back in the CBT days. Time does fly so fast and I was surprised to know that she was the one (and only) gamer in the group who reached Expert level just a week ago. In the course of our talk, she told me she just upgraded her PC and spent more than Php 30k just to put her stuff on a nice Quadcore processor, super nice video card, a huge memory, and a flatscreen monitor. And of course with a spazzy PC, she almost always never experiences the lag most of us grit our teeth over.

Moral lesson: get yourself a super high-end PC to enjoy (and actually kill people) during Colony Wars.

We had a raffle as well, and some lucky gahls went home with great prizes. NineMoons got herself a Le Blanc of her choice, Oliveoyl won for herself 500 Adelina's Booty searches, stormseeks got an Elite La Ventisca, and Sigrid bagged a Cumolonimbus shield.

A focus group discussion was also held to talk about player issues about the game. Among those discussed were the feedback about certain cash shop items that should be priced more reasonably, the ever-persistent issue on lag, bots and RMTers, and suggestions for improvement.

All in all, the event was was nice to hang around with fellow girl gamers, and yes, we're not a myth. Girl gamers do exist. ^_^

And now for some browser-killing pictures. >:)

Moi, NineMoons, Veya, Fetuccini

Girl gamers serious mode

What would be a girl gathering without teh pics? XD

FFA winners: NineMoons, Fetuccini & Mortreux

stormseeks of Vivaldi...the resident girl gamer mamaw XD
also known as the girl who only turns off her PC during maintenance

We love our GE shirts! Front view..

We love our GE shirts! Back view..

See you all in the next event! ^_^


Southernsky said...


bakit kasama ka sa girl gamer gathering??

tas ako hindi...

DeSanggria said...


nagiging girl ka rin ba sa gabi? hinde eh.

ako uu. kaya yun.


Jac said...

hahaha susme pambasag naman sagot mo sis XD

Ligaya said...

^ I agree with Jac 500%. Anak ng pating. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD