Friday, March 28, 2008

Price hike on Mercenary License O.O

Just after this Thursday's (March 27) server maintenance, one of my faction mates noted the sudden increase of the price of the Mercenary License. From 11,000 Gpoints, the price was jacked up to 15,000 Gpoints. And of course, since most of the people spent equal amount of time in-game and in the forums, it was inevitable that somebody opened up the topic here.

Based from what I've read, here are the reasons why players are creating so much ruckus about this issue.
  1. It was not officially announced. Naturally, people will be outraged with this price hike without even consulting the players first.
  2. The 15k GP price is way too much. I can just imagine the burden this will be to the PH gamers because we don't have the 18k & up GP denomination. The current highest GVC value we have is only 12k GP, and 12k is not even enough to buy your essential stuff, not when you're always questing for Pure Otites, equipment enhancers and character promotions.
  3. IAH took quite long to give any semblance of response when this was such a hot topic in the forums.
Okay, so finally after 11 pages, RCM Hrin has finally broken the silence.

Ok ok guys, chill, chill.

It's not some major conspiracy or anything like that. Just that there was a miscommunication between the patch notes guy and myself. Usually I will be the one announcing any item mall releases and whatnots and patch notes guy will post patch notes for any changes to the existing system.

Just that this time around, there was a miscommunication between us in assuming that each of the other will post it since it is a fine line as to whether it is patch notes or item mall updates.

They certainly got it right when they say when it rains, it pours...

There are currently some login problems with the CMS (Content Management System) due to some changes in security measures. The tech team is fixing that and it should be resolved pretty soon. When I am able to log in, I will post it up on the GE website okie?

In the meantime, sorry about the bad timing and the previous miscommunication with you guys. - Hrin

And when someone asked if such price would be permanent, here is her reply:

Yup it will be permanent. It was a very last minute thing and we were reluctant to do so, but unfortunately, certain things are not entirely in our hands.

One of the reasons that I can disclose is also that there has been a lot of discussion by the management in regard to RMT and they wish to clam down further on it. 70% of the scam cases we are handling has to do with mercenary licenses and most of the RMT circle accounts have been linked to this as well.

There will be further action to clam down further on RMT in the weeks to come but at this point in time, a lot of things are unconfirmed and I am unable to disclose them for security reasons. - Hrin

And now for my input:
  • I never really understood what she meant in her first reply. [edit] Ok, from what I've understood (after careful reading), there was a miscommunication that happened between Hrin and the tech team who updates the patch notes in-game. Hrin is usually the one who announces any updates of anything related in-game, while their tech team is in charge of the technical side of these updates. Now that there seemed to be a problem in their website uploader program, Hrin can't post an official announcement until such problem gets fixed.
  • Hmm..wouldn't it be more prude to await the fixing of their website uploader tool before implementing anything in-game? I actually sympathize with the players because vital information on these things should be cascaded properly before actually implementing them.
  • I agree with polarbearz that passing the burden of the sins of the RMTers to legit players is a tad bit unfair. I believe there are other ways to clamp down on these illegal transactions, but to penalize those who've been playing clean and who've been spending honest money to enjoy the game is too much.
To RCM Hrin & the IAH management, I think it's best that a dialogue should be conducted between you and the players to address the many issues of this game. By involving your players in your decisions, you'll be able to mobilize them to actually be pro-active against those who violate the rules. I sincerely believe that GE is one of the best games out there, and I'd be saddened if it just turns out to be a game that does not listen to the voice of its consumers. I'd be happy to lend a hand for this to be made into a realization, and I'm pretty sure other concerned gamers would do the same.


Now that speech is over, I'm glad I haven't merc-ed any of my characters, nor would I plan to.

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