Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Updates Part 1] v.2.6.3: The Requiem

I r back! Hahaha! And with my comeback is one juicy tidbit regarding our favorite game, Granado Espada.

The wait is over, folks! The latest patch for Granado Espada, v.2.6.3, also known as The Requiem, is finally on its way! I won't be revealing the exact day of its release (I leave it to our esteemed Community Managers and IAH staff to unveil the actual date), but I do have some interesting tidbits about the new patch, as graciously supplied by pCM Veya.

Venturing to the Land of Mysteries

The Domain of the Giants

As RCM Hrin announced in her blog a few months before, v.2.6.3 features the new map of Chaos Requiem, located between the Bahamas and the jungles of Ustiur. Mysteries and secrets surround the expanse of this new territory, and with the promise of the unknown comes with new opportunities for exploration!

Ugly mutated monsters in Chaos Requiem

Chaos Requiem holds new dungeons, monsters and even more colossal raid bosses (I can only imagine the weapons these bosses drop!).

So how does one venture into Chaos Requiem?

Decisions, decisions...

I can say that with my current family level, I won't be able to step on this forbidding land (that's for sure!), as it is a level 120-130 map. Experts and Master level families are sure to have a roll here though.

So now we know why it's been reiterated time and again that players should aim for Expert level at the very least. From this patch onwards, the Veteran level will soon become a thing of the past.

Anyway, back to the does one go into Chaos Requiem?

Not him again...

Defeat the Great Hill Giant, that's what. The question is, will it be the same GHG monster level as the one in the Faction Quest? And where is the exact location to challenge this hulking monster? That I have to find out...

In order to fully explore the mysteries in Chaos Requiem, one will have to complete the Bahamas Swamp Quests. NPCs such as Igorni, Sharon, Selva, Barons Kurt and Edward, as well as Viscount Montoro will be issuing new challenging quests.

As previously mentioned, The Requiem patch features new bosses, as well as a new raid area: Garim's Nest.

Inside the lair of Garim

So yeah, you guessed it right. The new raid boss' name is Garim. Little is known what kind of monster is this (or its stats for that matter), so stay tuned for updates (or until I found that out with a bit of research ^^).

Garim looking nasty

Watch out for part 2 of The Requiem updates! Up next: New Game Features in v.2.6.3!

credits: pCM Veya & Team IAH


kincaid said...

Gems, which can be used to add stats to weapons and armor, drop here.

Im guessing Garim, will be regularly dropping Elite Leblanc and Elite Lenoir. I hope to live to see the day when I finally get my hands on those armors. :)

DeSanggria said...

@kincaid: i haven't fully explored the bahamas myself, so i leave it up to you expert peeps to venture in this new map! chismax na lang sa mga discoveries nyo. :D

and thanks for that info about gems!

as for the elite lenoirs and leblancs...i'm just hoping that by some stroke of miracle, these uber nice items will be made available at the ABS. haha. asaness ba? XD

The Arc said...


Im guessing you want an Elem Le Noir lol >:)

i guess thats not impossible at all. It was fun remembering those times knowing you were among the first few sporting a Le Blanc 'round town XD~

DeSanggria said...

@DS: palibhasa maswerte. :p

wakokokoko! o ano balik GE ka na paps? ^_~

The Arc said...


Rob Rober said...

ate binilugan ko ang mga pictures mo, cute kasi!

wala lanG! sikat ka kase eh! pasira na buhay koh... iddlete ko ba Acct ko te? it will teyk me 48years para magng vet aq... oh btw.. the costumes... myb it'll fit well on my elem.. weheheh... i hate ANDRE! i hate ANDRE! i hate andre!