Thursday, June 19, 2008

[The Requiem Updates Part 2]: The thing about raids

Welcome to part 2 of v.2.6.3: The Requiem updates! Part 1 is over here.

I hope this particular information would prove useful for some, especially those who are gung ho on boss raids.

Essentially, The Requiem patch will have new mini-bosses. Although they're not the usual big boss monsters that most people take the effort to monitor the spawn time, stock up on good equips and form formidable squad groups, these mini-bosses are not to be taken lightly.

These monsters are located in 3 high level maps, which are the following:

  • Toubkal Mines - Prairie Merman Eater
  • Bahama Swamps - Swamp Merman Eater
  • Katovic Snowfield - Ice Field Merman Eater
A fish out of water

Said monsters appear randomly on these maps, and will disappear automatically if no one takes a whack at them within a certain period of time.

Make your own raid

In The Requiem patch, you won't have to share with just about half the server just to get a piece of Vergo, or Diablo, or Gerero, or Lava Leaf or any other raid boss there is because now, you can do your own raids.

And the fun part is that you only need 8 families, and this can also work even if the said players are not in a squad.

Step into the circle

As far as I've learned, this feature takes place in Los Toldos (LOL mystery powders are gonna be selling like hotcakes I suppose XD), and there will be this "ability" that will release a particular effect.

Then when the effect is visible, the 8 families must step on the round circle on the floor at the same time (about 3 seconds), otherwise the boss monster summon will fail.

Have your own boss raid!

It's a little bit vague, I know. I do have a few questions about it myself, because apparently not everyone will have that ability to summon monsters. One of the things I'd like to ask is how does one get the summoning ability? What boss monster will be summoned?

Perhaps we'll get a more detailed explanation to this through the course of the hype for The Requiem.

Stay tuned for more! Up next will be the new items and new game functions for v.2.6.3!

Credits: pCM Veya & Team IAH

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