Sunday, July 27, 2008

DeSanggria goes shopping!

My officemate went to her usual Singapore trip the other week, and when I heard she was going there, I didn't pass up the chance to ask her to buy me G-Points! And so, with my hard earned savings, I said goodbye to my money and crossed my fingers that I get those precious GVCs when she came back.

Boy, they were sure a sight for sore eyes.

I bought 2pcs. of 70k G-Points, and this is probably my first time to get a hand of GVCs distributed in Singapore. Now armed with 140k in-game money, I was more than excited to visit Leticia to get my shopping done. Guess what I first bought with the money I had?

I needed decent weapons, and so I spent the better half of the GP in buying enhancement boosters. I had a field day +5ing my BDR, BO3K, and a few armors here in there. Now you can tell I really had crap weapons (no wonder I barely survive in raids or in PVPs).

That done, I wanted to give Tala, my musketeer, a gift and so I purchased about 50 Mystery Powders to get her Outrage Shot veteran stance, as well as the Gigantic Blaster stance for my Grace Bernelli.

I gotta tell you that those MPs hurt a lot in the pocket, not to mention that those 50 MPs would've gotten me my Bai Hu NPC. T_T

I also sold a few vet scrolls here and there, giving me a good supply of vis to buy new stuff for my growing family.

Oh, and I made my first gamble in weapon upgrading that time. I've actually gone and upgraded my BO3K to +6! It's a big thing for me, knowing that I rarely take risks in upgrading or chipping my stuff. I'm very prudent when it comes to spending, and I rarely splurge on anything except for the basic necessities.

I likewise bought a few tickets to Los Toldos because I want my musketeer to be shooting like crazy in her new vet stance, and having two Elite Iron Pistols with atk speed stats will surely boost her capabilities. Although, I have to say that the lag in Los Toldos is completely abominable, that I was crawling my way to hunt for those pure otites. What a nightmare.

You can't hide from lag.

In the end, I'm left with...4k+ G-Points to my name. All that spending and I never got to buy my girls some nice costumes. Oh well, I guess I will have to save up again now that I'll be needing more GP for those 50 MPs to get Bai Hu next month.

Until then, it's back to leveling for me.

P.S.: Don't ask what I got from ABS. Nothing seems to be worth mentioning, not unless you want to buy a piece of Snake Skin from me. :p

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