Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wings and 'dos! + Thank yous!

Thanks to our ever-reliable and updated source for everything GE, Doratomo, I've been ogling at these cool accessories.

*silenty thanks the gods that I can read a few katakana characters XD*

Wings: Red Sunset & Crystals

Red Sunset Wings

Crystal Wings

Nice, pretty, BIG wings! The Red Sunset looks like a cousin to the Chrysalis's, while the Crystal wings look like...uh...Las Vegas Showgirls-y. LOL. I bet my female elementalist would look the part of a showgirl wearing Crystal wings AND swimsuit. Hehe.

Hair: Fairy Bob

Augh...I'm not digging this new female elem hairdo. Her hair looks frizzy. I'd still go for the Sheep Horn hair any time.

Since IMC has made these accessories available (plus new costumes for Emilia and Bernelli), how about showing some love for the male Elementalist? I mean, come on...the dude deserves a makeover!

*goes over to a corner and sulks*


In other news, I've just reached 10k+ hits! Woooooo! It may not be as colossal as NineMoons' 50k pageviews, but I'm not complaining! ^_^

Having said that, THANK YOU for always dropping by, commenting, and for reading this humble blog.

Watch out for an upcoming contest in celebration of reaching 10k hits AND this site's post-anniversary. ^^


Nine Moons said...

uuuy gratz on 10k hits ^^

it looks like July-August will be our joint contest month! yay for GE girl/blogger powaah!

DeSanggria said...

thanks sis.

a contest is way overdue since this blog just turned 1 yr. old. she deserves some love. hehe.

looking forward to YOUR contest! >:)

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Teka, hindi ba si Princess yung may wings?!

DeSanggria said...

sya nga. :P