Thursday, July 31, 2008

The secret guest unveiled

Yesterday, I talked about having a guest here in my blog. I was able to talk to this wonderful person via email for this interview, and I'm very happy and thrilled to provide a space for her in this site.

This esteemed person I'm talking about forms the gung ho team of hard working, fun loving people who manage the seaGE community. Although I may not be a GE gamer from their country, I nevertheless feel honored to have her here. I hope I have a few Malaysian GE gamers reading this blog because this is about your community manager, [CM] Calyce!

If you've been hanging around the GE forums, chances are you've seen this quirky, fun person. She's a mischievous individual who even earned several threads in the forums. Guess the gamers are quite curious to know about CM Calyce whose real life picture hasn't been seen to date. ^^

Anyhoo, let's get to know the new addition to the GE family in this interview. ^^

How does it feel to be the CM for the MY community?

It’s great to be the CM for MY Community, although it seems that the MY players are not so active compared to PH gamers. I believe that there’s a potential that GE Gamers will continue support GE and create a better community together. I still have a lot to learn from gamers. I want to continue my service to the players, and to provide them with a better gaming environment.

How did the community feel about your new position?

Hmm… the community seems to be quite interested in how I look instead of how I can help the growth of the community. Haha. Apparently, statistic showed that there’re more male gamers than female gamers in this game, so I kinda understand how they feel about the new female CM. lolz… joking…. Darren was promoted to handle some other things, therefore I’ll be taking over his position for the time ahead, please don’t make any wild guess, I’m not his “revamped” image. >.<

Note: Darren Khor used to be the MY Community Manager before CM Calyce. Before Darren was CM Selwyn.

Have you played any MMORPGs before? How do you find GE?

Yap, I’ve played couple of MMO before such as Maple Story, Mo Xiang and RO. But this game is totally a cool stuff to me. It has a very stylish movement, a brand new controlling of character like MCC and superb graphics as well as a marvelous soundtrack. I do enjoy the AFK function the most… lol… cuz most of the time I’m kinda busy with my work, so I don’t really have free time to play and commit to the Game. ^^

What are your plans for the MY community? How will you strengthen the bond between MY GE gamers?

Since this is the first time I’ve taken the position, I don't have that much of experience in managing the bond between gamers, and that’s why I started by spamming the general chat section, which… hahaha… got quite some good feedbacks. I assume that’s a good way to improve the bond between players and strengthen the bond between gamers.. ^^ In the future, we’ll try to organize some other event besides facing the computer and gaming; there might be some sports event as well. We'll see how it goes.

What's the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job? I get to interact with gamers, get to play the game, get to chat with gamers, get to do what I like the most – talking and chatting ^^.

Why did you choose Calyce as your personal avatar?

Haha… cuz I’m Calyce? ^^ Simple answer. She kinda resembles the real-life me, so...hahaha..that’s bout it.

Any message to the MY community and the GE community in general?

My message to the MY Community...get more friends to join this game! The bigger the community, the more likely I’ll appear in a real life event ^^. For the general community...continue supporting GE then we shall have a biggest gaming event around the region! Life is never boring meet people from around the world. ^^ Cheers!

Many thanks to [CM] Calyce for indulging me in this interview request. I wish you good luck and more power in your future endeavors in your work! ^^

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