Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shameless plugs & an upcoming guest

Hello everyone! This is me again, taking a break from the grinding spree I'm doing to get my Vicente to Veteran. He has 9 more levels to go. So far, so good.

I've recently talked to a very esteemed person in GE and I'll be posting the interview tomorrow during maintenance. I've got to say that I enjoyed it immensely and I'm glad to have this person as a "guest" in this humble blog. Stay glued tomorrow for this exclusive interview!

And nope, I did not interview Hakkyu Kim (although I'm still hoping for this once in a lifetime opportunity ^^).

In other news, I'd like to plug a few contests happening in the GE community. Hope you take the time to join them because the prizes aren't so bad if I do say so myself. ^^

NineMoons's 50k Hits Screenshot Prompt Contest
[CM] Veya's Tell-a-Story Contest

Speaking of contests, I'm likewise finalizing on the mechanics to my own and hopefully I'll be filling you in with the details next week, so stay tuned.

That's the wrap for now. See ya tomorrow! ^_~

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