Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[Just for Kicks] The rendezvous

Once upon a time in Granado Espada
Long before the edict of the Queen of Vespanola
Way before the strife of the Old and New
There lived a love so true

Edward, the White Baron


Selva, the brave mistress of rapiers

One day, they made a vow
To meet underneath the tree in Bahama
In this tree they will renew
Their love so beautiful & true.

And so they finally meet
With hands intertwined, they whisper sweet nothings.

Little did they knew
They were being watched by Montoro the cruel
But what the evil Viscount missed
Was the fact someone else too was pissed.

The lovers were much oblivious
Little Gavin was there to give Selva something precious
But what he saw tore at his heart
And so Montoro said, "Hey, dude let's eat this piece of art!"

Okay, so I had nothing else to do. XD I know the last line totally sucked but I was out of options for a the appropriate rhyming word. Haha.

GE clay sculptures source:
GE Hanbiton Fanart


Nine Moons said...

aaaaaaaaaaw Selva so so SO cute!

all the way down to the widdle itty-bitty OVERSIZED left arm/armor.

the best thing to name Selva now would be pretty much "Fullmetal" XDXDXD

DeSanggria said...

haha. i agree...selva si teh cuteness! she'll probably give the elrics a run for their money. ;)

Arc said...


ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Yaoi! Yaoi!!! =P

DeSanggria said...

hoi julius tigilan mo na yang yaoi perversions mo noh! XD

Vergo said...


nice quote...

"Hey, dude let's eat this piece of art!" FTW!

wah lau i quitted this game liao