Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rumors on cGE

Granado Espada's publisher in China, The9, is engaging in talks with Hanbitsoft and IMC Games to get the rights to develop the game to fit the Chinese market. Here's the direct quote from the news I got off the web:

According to insider sources from The9, the company has agreed engaged in talks with Hanbitsoft and Granada Espada IMC to attain developing rights to Granada Espada. The9 is hoping to improve upon Granada Espada and alter the game to fit Chinese tastes if it acquires the development rights.

Improve the game? To what extent? How will this affect the other regional publishers of GE? I wonder what will be the repercussions if such a thing were to push through.

Thoughts, anyone?


In other news, we all know that kGE is way ahead of us in terms of content roll out. GE Hanbiton is a huge mine of information for the stuff we only see in Doratomo. Here, I was able to get a first hand look on the new costumes and hairstyles.

Elem Fairy Bob hair, new Grace & Fighter costume, & female Fighter's pony

Gayest looking Wiz...ever!

New 'do for the scout. FAIL!

Redline China
GE Hanbiton Fanarts


PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

Elem Fairy Bob: weird in theory, but very cute in practice.

Grace costume: we REALLY need to have the hat and hair options, like Adelina the Pirate's hair and standard Adelina's hat. The costume sort of fails with the hat still on.

Fighter costume: yummy. much MUCH better than the standard swimsuit in my opinion. and the shoes! the accessories! Win.

Fighter hair: Want!

Wiz costume: NOOOOOOO! What have they done to him????? I DON'T like this new get-up.

Scout wig: hey, I like it. might be the same as the Fairy Bob: weird in theory, but cute in practice. will reserve judgment till an actual in-use screenie comes out.

Arc said...

about The9, would that mean unique items in terms of stats for the Chinese GE gamers?

Wow imagine a new kind of Enhancement Boosters specially made for +10ing items, DR+10, AR+10...

Richard T. Ramos said...

OMG!!!the wizard...
emo gay!!!