Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things to get excited about

RCM Hrin updates her blog with really juicy information. Read all about it here.

It looks like there are a lot of things to look forward to as the content for v.2.6 is already being rolled out bit per bit. On a personal note, here are some things that I'm reeeeaaally excited about:
  • Bai Hu's going to be released on Aug. 14! I've never been a real fan of close combat characters, but I made a great exception for Bai Hu. I'm really looking forward to recruiting him, but that is, after I collect the MPs needed to get him.
  • New Veteran Stances for Fighters! Well, mine's not yet Veteran, so why am I rejoicing over this? Hehe...I kid, I kid. Looks like fighters are going to be beefed up to become leaner and meaner killing machines. I suddenly feel very afraid for my Elementalist.
  • Idge the Battlesmith is going to be available! This is by far the best news I've received, being the Idge fan that I am. Initially, ITB RNPC card became available as the January 2008 IOTM, but I'm really thrilled to know that there's a chance for me to recruit her in my barracks in this particular server (my ITB was initially housed in my Caravaggio barracks).
  • Family Name Change, Character Name Change and Gender Change features! Not that I'll be changing my Family Name, but I do have plans of turning my male wiz to a pretty female. ^^
  • GE Girl Gamers! As originally spearheaded by pCM Veya, this is a great opportunity for GE's femme gamers to bond together. I'm looking forward to the related events of this promotion.
  • Enchantment Chip Packages! FINALLY! I'd rather buy the much-coveted level 100 chips in the Item Shop than burn my vis on the skyrocketing prices of these items. In essential, the price for lvl 100 chips in Carracci has gone down (from 40-50M to 30M each), but hopefully this package will turn around the economy across all servers. It's about time such issue was addressed.
Perhaps the best part in all these information that Hrin mentioned was the announcement of v.2.9's roll out. Of course, everything's still subject to changes, but then again, this is good news in terms of game updates. We're finally getting around.

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