Thursday, August 7, 2008

For the win!

Finally, my Vicente is veteran! *weeps tears of relief*

My veteran Vicente...let me show you him.

After finally promoting him to Vet, I decided to get his Veteran stance, Serenade, as well. Seeing that the guide in the forums was simple, I thought maybe it would be an easy task.

Boy, was I so very wrong.

The last task in getting the Serenade dealt with fighting the Mercenaries of Katai. Needless to say, my girls did not stand against a 52 and 56 AR/DR enemy, despite the fact that two of my main characters had decent armors.

The Mercenaries were quick and merciless. It took me three tries, using my Musketeer and Elementalist, hoping to nuke the dudes crazy, but I underestimated them.

Epic phail!

But a stroke of brilliance hit me that time. The enemies were mainly close combat fighters, and they can't very well hit an airborne character now, wouldn't they? It was at this moment when I thanked God I had a Wizard.

And true enough, I didn't even break a sweat. Although my Wizard's AR wasn't that significant, a continued bombardment of Photon Splashes did the job. Now, my Rio had his promotion AND his vet stance. Happy Anne is happy. ^_^

Revenge is sweet.

And just yesterday, I got another pleasant surprise as I finally received Rio's exclusive Bach costume! Finally, all those weeks of hard work finally paid off. ^^

Another pleasant thing that happened to me today came in the person of GM Eulalie who happened to drop by to visit our server. She conducted a trivia contest, in which I was lucky enough to answer one of the questions.

This week has been a great adventure for me. Hopefully the coming week ahead would yield the same, even better results.

Hope your week was a blast too! ^_~

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