Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in civilization

Man, oh man, did I miss out a lot.

Not only was I unable to attend last Saturday's GE PH Black Party, I was likewise absent in NineMoons' birthday bash on the event day (belated happy birthday, sis!).

If you're one of the people who missed out on the activities, check out the post-event accounts of NineMoons, Fiksdotter, Artaxerxes, Churvanesska, Sigrid, Mena and Blacksword! Seeing those fun photos made me want to wish I was there. ^^

Nevertheless, I'm glad that most of the Philippine GE players enjoyed the event, despite the earlier shocking news about the server merge. I hope you guys had the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. As what most people have been saying, the server merge is an opportunity for us to gain more friends, so it's nice that events like these can bring PH gamers from the various GE worlds some time to relax and socialize.

Hmm..where to go?

As for me, well, let's just say I went to El Lago de Tres Hermanas, Ustiur and the Skullic Caves for some much needed R&R. It felt like I was engaging in a 24-hr PvP match now that my body's aching all over, but much fun was had! I'll tell you more about it in the coming post. ^_^

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