Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DeSanggria Family update: A Fighter joins the ranks!

I'd like to welcome the newest addition to the Veteran ranks in the DeSanggria Family barracks!

Uhh..she doesn't like facing the camera. XD

It almost took me forever to get her to go Vet. Urduja was actually part of the main team when I created my family in Carracci. I initially came up with an all-girl Musk-Scout-Fighter team sporting local folklore names, until I exchanged fighter Urduja to wizard Belgarion to make the training easier on AFK mode.

I was never really a fan of melee type of characters as I preferred long-ranged, hit-them-before-they-hit-you combat, but then again, high level quests in GE almost always need a formidable tanker. That said, I decided to get Urduja to Vet.

And since I'm not used to handling Fighters, it's becoming quite a chore to max out all her stances. Not only am I a bit peeved because it costs more than a hand and foot to properly equip Fighters with a variety of decent weapons and armors, I will have to deal with leveling her to Expert as well. Not that I'm counting on it, since my main priority is to get the main team to Expert more than anything else. Maintaning a Fighter in one's barracks is damned costly and if it weren't for those high level quests, I'd never pursue training one.

Although I'm kinda loving the Stave Guard stance right now. She can go solo without me having to bring a healer nor constantly watching her to hit some pots buttons. If it weren't for the Phobitan Chieftain hanging out in Topolo, I'd have her stationed there the whole day.

Anyway, I hope I still have the patience to max out all her skills. I still have a Bai Hu to get to Vet, and I'll never be Expert if I keep this up. =_=


ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Ganyan din dilemma ko pagdating sa pagpapa-expert. hehehe

DeSanggria said...

chin-tot! XD

eh pano ba yan may MCC combination buffs...gudlak na lang walang katapusang pagpapa-vet itech! T_T