Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eye candy stuff in v.3.0

This may be a bit too advanced to talk about, especially since I'm just waiting for the hours to pass by before the servers are officially up (and ultimately, for a sneak peek on v.2.9), but what they hey, I really need to kill time.

Among the things I'm looking forward in v.3.0 (aside from the kick-ass Aztec-looking RNPCs) are, of course, the costumes! Blame it on the fact that I like dressing up my characters (harharhar). Anyway, here's what I managed to scrimp off the Korean GE Hanbiton site:

Pretty little Elem in her fairy bob 'do

Female Wiz shows less skin, while the Female Musk bares all.

The Male Musk looking so 80s, with *gasp* a pet pig?!?

It seems like aside from Pilfurr (Grabbermon) and Broomy (the voodoo looking pet), there will also be a screaming pink pig pet! I do love pig characters, but her eyes in this picture looks kinda off. I dunno, maybe it's just me *shrugs*.

On another note, I'm loving the new non-PK server, Rembrandt. Merging with the Pachelbel people is the nicest thing to happen in-game.

Watching role-played dramu unfold in Coimbra.

Getting to know the friendly and charming people of Pachelbel is so much fun. I finally got to meet Alfender (FL of the all-girl faction, Les) and Bringston, who staged the Auch Police Drama RPG on the first day of the server merge. It's a refreshing thing to witness with all the emo drama happening in Carracci prior to the merge.

Anyway, that's just about my small updates for the meantime. I can't wait for v.2.9! I'm still deciding on whether to get a Pilfurr or Broomy for a pet. Hehehe. See ya then!


PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

OMG i LOVE the new wizzy costume!

DeSanggria said...

looks like a cheongsam to me. XD