Friday, October 24, 2008

Why we should all strive to earn those Fesos...

If you're drooling over these stance rings, well, you betcha I'm gonna earn those coveted Fesos! These rings come with 30 day deadlines, but still...who wouldn't want those stance rings?!?

The Feso price is rather steep though. >_<
There are a whole load of other useful stuff being sold for the said currency (like Calyce's vet skill book, Sagitta, pet food, portable ammo, etc.). I suggest you talk to the Feso merchant in every city to acquaint yourself with all the goodies you can get using this new currency.

For a rough info on how to acquire Fesos, click here.

In other news...

I've been failing miserably at this Pet Egg quest. I just dumped the entire thing altogether, bought 2 eggs from a good soul who was selling at Auch (and thanks to NineMoons as well), and now the egg is comfortably hatching at the Bahia Greenhouse. I'll have a pet Pilfurr pretty soon!

Exciting! ^_^

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