Friday, October 10, 2008

In-game events in v.2.9!

RCM Hrin has just recently blogged about the in-game feature in v.2.9, the Event Zone!

This is indeed something to look forward to after the server merge. When IAH mentioned that one of the benefits of the merge will result to more in-game events, I think we can anticipate that this Event Zone will be the answer to that. Now that the GE "worlds" will be reduced to two, this will definitely create more opportunities for IAH to implement events in which SEA/ANZ GE direly needs.

Personally, I'm just thrilled that the possible in-game events may have more variety aside from the usual summon-super-imba-boss-monsters-that-only-the-high-level-players-can-kill. Finally, some thinking games too!

In Hrin's entry, she talked about the limitations of the GM team in coming up with these in-game activities (i.e., the lack of a standard GM tool, IMC's restrictions, etc.) and hopefully this will shed some light on those who are still wary about the impending merge.

However, the question of lag and other game interruptions remain the biggest concern of most players. I'm still keeping things in perspective though. The guys and gals of IAH are aware of this (as we've all reiterated in the server merge discussions) and hopefully, they'd have the answers to that as well.

On a side note, I have read in the forums somewhere that the other versions of GE (cGE, kGE, jGE and SOTNW) have also undergone through the process of their servers merging. I'm curious to know the players' thoughts and reactions to this. Now if only a forum/dialogue between these guys and the SEA/ANZ GE players can talk about this, maybe we can have an idea on what to anticipate.

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