Monday, October 13, 2008

The art of dressing up

Cosplay is rather big here in the Philippines. Every year, there are more than 5 events that include or feature cosplay activities. This particular fandom to dress up as one's favorite anime, game or movie character has brought about a vibrant community that has been around since 2000.

Just yesterday, some of my friends who happen to be the staunchest pillars of the local cosplay community, successful staged the first ever cosplay-centric event. Dubbed as CosplayMania 2008, the event was flooded with TONS of cosplay enthusiasts and other fandom otakus. And because it's a cosplay event, you can never get around the place without seeing people flashing their cameras like the persistent paparazzi.

What I like about cosplaying and the community in general is that people tend to come out of their shy corners to personify the characters they're cosplaying. They're also quite game to have their photos taken with anyone who asks.

I didn't take the liberty to go inside the event hall (mainly because I'm scrimping on cash for next week's dreaded D-Day), so I just hung around outside, taking pictures of some of the cosplayers who were game enough to indulge the rabid crowd of photographers. Kinda felt intimidating with all the DSLR cameras flashing around.

Lemme just say that the costumes were as diverse as the people's fandoms. Among the characters I got photos of were...

[A bit of warning from hereon...massive photos up ahead!]

Evangelion's Asuka Sohryu Langley

Avatar: The Last Airbender characters

...and a few crossdressers >_<

colorful little elves (the green one looks a lot like Link, yes?)

a somber looking .hack// character

furious-looking Hiei from YuYu Hakusho

don't anybody mess with a suicidal Joker XD

Quistis Trepe in her SeeD uniform

Sora's awesome-looking keyblades

While going around the area, I wouldn't have thought to see these cosplayers...

Wizard in a maid uniform (or could also pass as Helena XD)


Ahoy thar, Pirate Adelina Esperanza!

I also learned that these two ladies are denizens of Pachelbel server, mostly new blood who have just started exploring the GE world. Looks like I'll be seeing more of them in Rembrandt then. ^^

I'm beat. The event was a blast, and I heard the tickets were sold out! Gratz to the peepz and here's to seeing more GE cosplays!


PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

Alliver and I were at Megamall yesterday, and wow nakakawindang ang dami ng cosplayers~ we couldn't get in though because of the steep ticket price. You should have seen how the photographers kept urging the cosplayers to pose in several mall ares, even "invading" stores to do it!

DeSanggria said...

well, that was a bit rude. they should've asked the store owners first.