Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rembrandt's first CW

Now that I've gone solo, I'm trying to keep my Sunday's sacred, i.e., catching up on resting, family affairs and basically some real life fluff. But today counts for this family's return to the war zone as it's Rembrandt server's first Colony War.

I didn't want to just observe and bore myself to tears, so I lent a helping hand to some friends who needed my services. And so, with my trusty Scout & Vicente Rio, I headed off to save some warp points at the designated areas. But that was before I nearly tore my hair out trying to log and relog because for some reason, I was always shifting in and out of the log in screen every time I moved to a new map or tried to enter channel 1. Good thing I didn't give up easily and my perseverance finally paid off.

I didn't finish the task of saving in all the area required maps, though good thing I was able to allot some space for the more crucial locations. At this time, the connection was being cooperative so I didn't waste time ressing my squadmates here and there.

Needless to say, I nearly ran out of resu pots reviving the others. Eminence, CarpeDiem, Osiris, BlackReaper and other Carracci/Pachelbel Factions came from all sides in Tetra Hill and were really duking it all out on the red dots. Thank God I wasn't in a PK server otherwise my cleric purpose in the squad would be of little use.

Despite being busy with the task of resurrecting the fallen ones, I was just bowled over with the tenacity and persistence of some former Pachelbelian factions who really showed their mettle out there in the battlefield. I never really did underestimate Pachelbelians despite the fact that Carracci was the senior one in terms of existence in the game. There really is no reason why Carracci factions should think differently of these groups because in all honesty, these guys can unseat any faction with a colony right now.

I mean, jeeesaas, look at Osiris with 4 colonies. O_O

Now this is gonna look interesting with regards to the faction alliance. *rubs hands eagerly*

On another note, I'm slightly peeved the way the broads were churning out that time. I mean, can't people stop talking about Carracci vs. Pachelbel beee-es? Those servers are long gone. It's about time factions started carving out new faces in this new server. Let it rest, jeez.

I'm happy to say that we did a good job, my squadmates and I (along with their faction). The fight was intense, that I must say, but exciting nonetheless. Man, at that point, I missed having a faction. Hehe.

Gratz to all colony holders for the week and here's to a more interesting CW for Rembrandt!

Sorry if there are no visuals to accompany this post. I was in a LAN shop and I was lazy to take screenshots with all the excitement going about. ^^

Post Script: Woooot~! The drama takes over Rembrandt! A former superpower in Pachelbel gets their first taste of defeat in the new server, thanks to their former allies.

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