Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hearing carols and getting disconnected

Finally...some worthwhile reason for me to turn up the volume while playing GE. :D

For those who've been around after last Thursday's maintenance, it seems that RCM Hrin wasn't kidding when she dropped the idea of the IAHGames team singing a Christmas song to be inserted in the game. If you haven't turned on the music in your game client, I suggest now's the time to do so.

The barracks theme has been changed to feature the quadruple singers of team IAH, which had MeepokTah (who we all fondly call as uncle MPT), Hrin, GM Lorenza and another person they haven't told us yet (despite my incessant prodding to know who this singer was). I wouldn't have thought it was really them as I was looking for some accent of sorts, but I have to say that their singing is really good. I think it was Lorenza who carried the voice that added the harmony to the whole ensemble. Marvelous job!

I hope they put the song as the town theme though. I can't count the times I've been disconnected from the game after staying in the barracks too long just to hear the song go on repeat mode.

Thankfully, Lorenza posted the downloadable MP3.

Here's an accompanying video to the song which featured some of the snapshots the team took while being with the kids in Katong Special School (as posted by Hrin).


I embedded the music on my blog. ^^ 'Bout time I got into the Christmassy mood too. Hehe.

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