Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boss hunting and Spinelle Wars

It's been a busy Sunday for me ever since I found a way to play GE at home; one, being the fact that I was able to power level my main team in AT, and the other being able to witness today's Colony Wars yet again (it's been so long and I kinda miss the action).

I was just actually hoping to watch the war from the sidelines since I've been piqued for eons about the clamor against the use of spinelles during CW. But then, I got an invitation from Southernsky to join a few people in the Secret Temple. I happily obliged since I had a lot of time on my hands.

The ugly git staring right in front of me.

The whole activity was really fun, except the part where we waited for what seemed like forever for Chaos Boneless to appear. And when the fiend did, it just popped right out of my face, taking me off-guard. We weren't successful to take down Boneless since we were just a few, not to mention the fact that he monster had an abnormal HP regeneration ability.

And so, I was finally able to take a peek at some of the maps. When I got there, I had my first taste of the so-called Spinelle Wars.

Imagine the morbid, ugly faces of those mini-bosses coming at you in droves. I wasn't even halfway near the colony when I spotted these critters running around a few meters away. And like what was previously said, the lag took a swig out of my computer's processor and wrecked havoc. I was dead even before I could say "Thoracotomy". =_=

What a sight for sore eyes. Me being chased by Fallen Champions in the most noob of maps.

Southernsky and I just thought of cleaning the place from these critters, but then again, if you're fighting an entire mob, even those wearing elite 92s will get the most epic buttsecks of their lives. Either that or the abominable lag.

It's funny how some people whine and complain about the imbalance of using spinelles to defend a colony when in the truest sense of the word "war", everything will be dished out to the opponent, whether they fall into the "honorable" criteria or what. Yeah, yeah, who wants CW with endless lag and hordes of spinelles, right? I really don't have anything else to say since everyone said them already, but then again, that's the sad fact of war. It brings out the worst in people.

Well, I guess it's just that and because no sane gamer and faction will pass up the chance to win those goodies they promised for War of the Factions III.

And I'm willing to bet on Montoro's ass that we won't be seeing any "gratz to all colony holders" posts in the CW threads after this. At least, nothing remotely sincere for that matter.


A-chan said...

Fallen Champions at Feruccio Junction! O_O Freaky..hahhaa. :P Katakot naman ung Boneless sa first pic

DeSanggria said...

mas nakakatakot pa yan nung bumulaga sa mukha ko. LOL.

btw, gratz for being vet! woooo!