Monday, December 29, 2008

Selva's skills

With another game content rollout looming in the horizon, we can safely say that RNPC Selva Norte is already on her way to being included in the following game patches. Recruiting Selva involves completing the Chaos Requiem quests, which are in itself, very tedious, given the fact that it involves an Expert level map.

Here's NineMoons' quest guide on how to recruit Selva

Not only will we have to complete said quests to recruit her, there's also the quest to get some of the ingredients for her armguard/armshield recipe. NineMoons previously posted in her blog that one of the ingredients needed to forge this is 50 Mystery Powders.

[edit] kooriyuki from the GE forums translated the ingredients for us.

lvl 80 Chain Bracer
20 Composite Steel
20 Cast Iron
20 Solvent
50 MP

Having said that, RCM Hrin was generous enough to provide a detailed description of Selva's skills that comes with the stance books you'll get upon receiving Selva's card.

Cauchemar Stance

Vampiric Session: Attack enemy and absorb HP
Insanity: Damage enemies with great power
Death Crest: Defeat enemy with powerful magic after six times’ attacks
Eternal Tempest: Defeat enemy with power magic after fast attack

Rapida Espada Stance

Espada de la rotation: Attack enemies during revolving.
Espada del Viento: Defeat enemy with powerful left hand after two attacks.
Dragante: Push the enemy with powerful left hand and attack enemy
Saltos de Ataques: Gather power on left hand and hit the ground powerfully
Rapida: Attack enemy fast and defeat it with powerful left hand.

Personal Skill: Destino
Increases Immunity by 20 for 180 seconds.
(Level 11 increases DEF Rating by 1)

Note: Skill names are subject to change.

I don't have an idea what weapon is needed to make use of Cauchemar, but judging from the skill descriptions for Rapida Espada, that armshield's going to pack quite a punch. This is all very interesting, though it would be nice to see the skills in action with videos. Anyway, let's see what further developments we'll have once IAH tells us more about this much-coveted RNPC.


PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

the big punch that the armshield contributes is a significant plus to Selva's AR.

so, yeah, she's gotta have one. ^^

DeSanggria said...

imagine the how much a destino ring will cost. :P

and hello to you. ;)

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Bilyones yan.

Kukunin ko yan pagdating ng 3.0 - tapos quit na ko. =P

DeSanggria said...

bago ka mag-quit, ipamana mo sakin kahit EDT man lang ng payter mo.