Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas wish, granted!

I was already hoping for the worst because of my Internet connection at home. Thankfully, the forces of nature cooperated with me and I was able to hang out in the game...just in time to see Santa's quirky laugh all over the server notice.

And speaking of Santa...this one cracked a joke or two while delivering presents to the noteworthy players. I'd have laughed along with the rest, if not for the fact that I was anxious as hell. Santa called quite a number of players and I was already half-expecting that he'd go bye bye, along with my hopes of ever getting chosen.

And then there it was! My name was called! I broaded instantly, even without knowing what wish Santa was granting me. Then he said I got an MBB, which is quite cool really (although I did say I'd be happy to have the White Cristatus even more than the GP or IOTM haha!). I was finally able to breathe easy after that.

Well then, I'd be getting the codes on Monday since Santa's got no work on weekends. Anyway, I'm just happy as a pea on my comfortable pod. But before that, here's a list of winners of Rembrandt's Naughty or Nice Day 2! Sorry...I would've listed down the winners on yesterday's event, but crappy Internet is crappy.

Inanna - 70k GP
Zanhaart - 70k GP
* Revolucion
Visquante - Elite Skullic Bracelet
fizz - 70k GP
Jezardi - Elite Rescue Suit recipe
VaqueroZ - 70k GP
Segnir - White Cristatuis
* Souken
** Ziendemonium
Drakezion - Elite Bone Frame recipe
Nivnal - 100 ABS
SuperiOrity - Bracelet of Ziz (but at his insistence, Santa changed it to the Bracelet of Behemoth)
Claimore - MBB
Philistia - 70k GP
Atkasha - 100 ABS
*** Casafuego
Thallmann - 70k GP
Icarus - MBB
Milycius - 100 ABS
DeSanggria - MBB
PepperILU - MBB
DraclouZ - 70k GP
Nieve - Bracelet of Behemoth
Arconis - Elite Destruction of Steel
Niji - White Cristatus
TheDevFamily - White Cristatus

* names were called but were offline
** Santa joked about giving this dude an Elite Echo of Steel RECIPE! So I didn't know what Santa really gave him (told you Santa was on a joking mood that time).
*** Santa said this player was getting an evil bunny. Like, wth? Again, I didn't know what he really got.

Here's just a few observations/comments after the event:
  • I was really surprised to see so few people who joined. Last year, the pages were really very long, and the entries were really great. I was just wondering why there were only few entries.
  • There were no machinima/video entries. Majority of submissions were screenshot comics and poetry. *coughmyentrycough*
  • 90% of all wishes were 70k GPs. And Santa actually gave a whole damn lot of them.
  • So much for asking for ELNs! Hahaha. Good thinking though. :p
I just remembered that I also won in last year's event! I got an Elite Ringmail, back when I was in Caravaggio. My last year entry was a lot cuter too (took a bunch of pics of my stuffed toys and made a comic out of it LOL), but this year wasn't all that bad. I did get help, you know. Hehehe.

Congratulations to all winners! Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!


A-chan said...

Next year, I'll really really join. hehehe. Perhaps hindi nga masyadong na-announce yung event that's why konti ang entries? I'm not sure if I saw it sa official website so siguro yung mga avid forumers lang ang nakasali. Guess ko lang ha. hehehe. Anyway! Congrats!!! Second in a row na ha..hehe. :D

DeSanggria said...

@A-chan: nope, it was mostly announced in the forum. tumambay ka kasi dun. there are contests hosted by the community crw (mods) at times, not to mention that you'll get good chismax there. LOL.

and thanks! next year (if i'm still around), i'll make an even better entry. :D