Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year freebies!

Finally, we get a New Year in-game event!

It was rather unsettling to find those lady mobs at the Ice Tower hanging around town. Good thing they weren't lethal. Hehehe.

Anyway, we have another search event! Search for 20 of Sir Bravo's swords and get cool items! The stuff ain't that bad at all, considering that some include nifty accessories, consumables and a kick-ass ice GS (although low AR).

How to do this quest? Easy.

1. Go to Cite Reboldoeux.
2. Talk to the skank Lady near Leonardo Expreso to activate quest.
3. After finding all 20 locations, report back to skanky Lady to receive rewards.

They're over here!

Some people already posted the spoilers or the locations to these swords, so if you're still clueless where to find them, here's teh list:

Ferrucio Junction - C9
Al Quelt Moreza - F2
Al Quelt Moreza Nartex - B8
Tetra Ruins - F8
Tetra Catacombs - H8
Jezebel Glen - F8
Porto Bello, The Deck - L6
Porto Bello Desolate Cliff - H6
Thueringen Lakeside - C5
El Lago de Tres Hermanas - I8
Dr. Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall - J8
El Tejado Verde - G4
Outside Bahia - J5
Crater of Joaquin - H/I9 (somewhere in between)
Old Port of Coimbra - G7 (best view evah! :3)
Lago Celeste - H5
Topolo Durga - D5
Abertal - H5
Reboldoeux Queen's Gate - H6 (thanks to fenrisbearfist ^^)
Rion Praire - H3 (thanks to Chinensis ^^)

I think I got too excited to complete the search. I already clicked all 20 locations but forgot to activate the quest. LOL. As a result, the ice lady said I only found 18 swords. =_=

Here's a list of rewards based on the number of finds:

10pcs Snow Spray - 5 locations
[15D] 1 White Angel Wings (with movement speed stats) - 8 locations
[15D] 1 Black Angel Wings (with movement speed stats) - 12 locations
lvl 100 Fleudelis (Ice Greatsword) - 16 locations
1 Brown Ear Mouse Hat - 20 locations

If you get all 20 locations, you get all items! But since the lady said I got only 18, I wasn't able to claim the Mouse hat...yet.

Teh hat. Photo c/o Bandeau

Teh Fleudelis.

Time to go back to those locations & re-click teh swords. T_T

Happy hunting! ;)


Anonymous said...

Theres another one at
The Reboldoeux Queens Gate

DeSanggria said...


no wonder i was missing 2 locations!!!

OMG thank you~~!

DeSanggria said...

stupid me i didn't count all locations. T_T

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Adik kasi. =P

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Sa Rion Prairie pa. H3

DeSanggria said...

ayun hahaha. kumpleto na! XD