Thursday, February 12, 2009

[Pimpage] Player-organized Valentine events

Valentine's is already on this Saturday! It's not liek I celebrated this commercial propaganda or anything...LOL

Anyway, I'm pimping two player-organized activities over at the GE forums because they seem to look fun and interesting. Besides, this'll give you something to do on V-Day as well. ^_^

1. GC Residents Faction Event: Win A Date With A Troll

The General Residents Faction of Rembrandt Server is inviting the female Rambutt players to vote for their favorite forum trolls! The event is somewhat similar to the official in-game event, Win A Date with a [GM] 2, though instead of the Cash Shop chocos you'll only need to buy Lisa's sweet confections.

Check out the details here.

Sorry Bach and Giovanni peeps. This is a Rambutt-exclusive event. :/

Totally LOLed at this event, but count me in! GCR peepz are sooo darn funny.

2. Anonymous Valentine

Hahaha! This is my own mini-event that I just thought of last night. Decipher the story of the poem and a few other details and win a barrack slot from me! XD

Check out the details here.

Yay, this is open to all servers! Hope you can join. :3


I nao has winnarz! Congratulations to Straightener of Rembrandt & DeAngelia of Giovanni! :D

And with that said, I'd like to send everyone an advanced Valentine's greeting! Spread the GE lurv!

Hugs and smoochies,
DeSanggria Family


Dj Ash 1983 said...

"GCR peepz are sooo darn funny."

Hmm... aren't you one of our sources of fun? Nyahahaha :D

Me and the rest of GCR really had a great time with ya and others in group chat. Maki is thinking of something for another event (but prolly be for a long time though), so gotta be ready for it! XD

DeSanggria said...

@Ash: i've had my share of fun with you guys, so we're even. just hand over the pervie screenies you took of my elem, and we're settled. HAHAHAHA!!!

looking forward to next event! great job, fegs! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

DeSanggria said...
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