Saturday, February 14, 2009

Teh daet wif teh troll

I be talking 'bout meh daet wif teh GCR troll in their event, Win A Date Wif A Perv...errr..I mean, Win A Date With A Troll.

I totally missed out on teh first day of voting, but thankfully, I was able to have a bit of spaer tiem the next day to hang around. I first bought some chocos from Lisa, only to find out that these stuffs cost a farking arm and leg (almost 2m for 9999 pcs.).

I can't remembur how many chocos I bought, but I think I spent around 20m. So yah, meh vis account is currently dwindling, thanks to some spur-of-the-moment splurging that I did.

So yah, I went off to Auch to pass meh votes to Straightener and to just hang around wif the crowd who were also participating in teh event. Turned out to be a fun session meeting wif a lot of people I just usually see in teh broads, as well as wif some of teh familiar faces I know of.

To sum up the convos that happened in Auch, it was mostly about weird perversions.

One wuz xArchangel's yuri tendencies for our twin female elementalists.

If you see it, you sh1t bricks. XD

Two, Llavore and DelaValliele had a field day peeking at teh girls' skirts. -_-;

Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

Find teh perv in this pic.

*headdesks & facepalms*

And yah, it turned out I won for spamming chocos. Got some good stuff from teh GCR fegs (nyahaha!) too. Not bad, not bad. XDDDD

I know I wuz blabbing about teh daets and all, but I got a bit of teh cold feet that time. Good thing my good friend and sole faction mate (teh lulz), Trianna, and her sister, Hemonus, offered teh perfect distractionz...Swamp Frog Fish! >:3

I dragged teh GCR pervies to join us for an FF squad, in which we whacked about 3-4 Wetland Frog Fishies before finally landing on teh real one. It was a fun experience, 'cept for the time when Vashal was being his grumpy self, scaring the living daylights out of meh.

Wetland not want! >_<

Speaking of His Grumpiness, he chided me to work on meh Chaos Requiem quest and offered to tag along for the tour. Little did I knoe that when I agreed, I already signed myself up for teh daet that was supposed to be teh prize (aside from teh items & stuffz) from their event.

And so, there I was, being shown around teh dangerous caverns of Chaos Requiem. I wouldn't have thought to step foot inside teh place after meh fateful first-hand tour of teh place in teh test servers.

Wait for meeeee!

And if that wasn't done, he goaded me further to finish meh Gavin quest. To cut teh long story short, yes, I finished it all & got meh 2nd Gavin card. LOL.

Speaking of which, here's one of the most memorable convos we had on the way to Ferruccio Wall:

Me: I already have Gavin's card, btw.
Al (Vashal): You bought it. <--notice how he never asks questions? teh lulz!
Al: What a waste.
Me: I like cute guys in my barracks, so sue me.

Epic conversation is epic.

I feel like I'm going to incriminate mehself more, so in summation, I got the Chaos Requiem & Gavin quest done, which means I can now enter Zeia! Yay! So despite meh troll daet's unnerving disposition, I still owe him big time.

Al, if you're reading this (which I hope to God you won't...harharhar), I just want to say my thanks for all the help and assistance in teh quests. I hope in some insane way, you enjoyed hanging out wif meh. I enjoyed it too, yah noe. When you weren't being grumpy on me, that is. :p

And stop running away from your responsibilities wif our kids. HAHAHAHA. Teh epic lulz.

Ok, ok. I end here. My fingers hurt.

P.S.: Many thanks to the GCResidents Faction of Rambutt server, their FL, Straightener, for the fun event yesterday. I was srsly lmao-ing in meh seat. XDDDDD

That be (l-r): GCResidents (Desmond,) Moi, Maki (Straightener), Pervie Ash (DelValliele) & Grumpy Al (Vashal)...wif valinorian


A-chan said...

First peeking pic: Winnar! *lol* Medyo mahirap manilip sa wiz sa second pic eh, di balloon-type outfits unlike elem, ahahahay~

Once again, a bunch of thankyous for the help at FF last Friday. :D

DeSanggria said...

@A-chan: gulong talaga ako sa upskirt screenies. LOL. lakas ng trip emf.

gratz on your completed bahamas quest! gavin na! karirin na itech!

Dj Ash 1983 said...

OOOOOOOOOOOH... ish that me scooping teh wizzie? Nyahahahahaha XD

Pero may kulang eh. San na yung screenie ng successful scoop ng elem mo? :D *hides*

DeSanggria said...

@DJ Ash: yes, it's your pervie musk at work on teh wizzie.

waddaya mean "successful scoop" on my elem? *bashes j00*