Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The thing about losing...

...is that sometimes most people do not want to feel that bitter taste in the mouth. And that they'd stop at nothing to assert their twisted sense of reason.

I really don't want to comment about something that has died down, but seeing at how other people continually dispute the authorities' decision on contests, I feel like I have to assert my points yet again.

I'm not saying that I agree to the lack of communication in the changes of contest mechanics. What I find absurd is how a select few of people suddenly raise such a ruckus over the results when they didn't so as much utter a single word of dissent during the duration of the contest. It boggles the mind why they suddenly question the technicalities on how the winners won at this point in the competition.

Thing is, they had all the time in the world to raise their questions during the contest period. But did they say anything? Nil. And when I raised that point to them, I was mockingly asked if I joined a competition, passed anything noteworthy and won anything.

Funny thing was when I pointed out just what exactly did I win, they jeeringly accuse me and my teammates of "stroking our egos". Sheesh.

FYI, my friends and I stand nothing to gain if we paraded our credentials to everyone. What we're just trying to stress is that people should ask their questions whenever there's something that they need to clarify. Like everyone else who joined, we're also doing this out of love for the game, the thrill of collaborating & exchanging ideas, and the wonder of seeing other good works out there.

Again, I'd like to reiterate that we all deserve to be properly informed of any changes in contest mechanics. We also have to do our part if we so much as claim that we are here "for the spirit of competition".

For the record, I don't care if I win or lose in the contest. All I'm after is the bonding time spent with friends and the creative effort we put in to make our works real good. Since this is an individual contest, I'd be content and happy to say that if any of my friends and teammates' entries bag a spot, we all consider it as a collective accomplishment.

After all, we are true to the spirit of Granado Espada, and that is: Freedom, Unity and Friendship.

The question is, are you?


If it's a bit convoluted and complex for people to understand, here's the gist of it all:

  1. I'm all for proper communication of changes in contest mechanics. I have not, in any other way, suggested otherwise.
  2. If you don't want to be left in the dark, ASK QUESTIONS.
  3. Judges' decision is final and incontestable. Read the fine print.
  4. I am not parading my previous wins. Some people asked (although maliciously...I dunno), I merely answered. I believe I did not win accolades on my own. I had help. And I always acknowledge the help of others.
  5. Be genuine in extending your congratulations. Stop saying one thing, then mean another.
  6. Don't think that if your work wasn't chosen, you're trash. Take this as a learning opportunity to strive to be better in what you do.
  7. Constructive criticisms actually give the good and the bad side of things. It's not done out of spite. It's in the spirit of helping the other improve their work.
  8. Virtual items will not make you rich in real life. Nor will you gain real and true friends.
  9. Stop blowing things out of proportion. Do not misconstrue the words of another. <--If ever I am guilty of such, say it so to my face and not flood teh Intarwebs with useless chatter.
  10. Most important of all: BE A SPORT.


PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

it seems that when you and i and the other previous winners advocate for common sense and for the right way to ask for clarifications of the rules, we are accused instead of stroking our egos.

would that this were easy for everyone to understand. but then, there are no people who are quite so adamant against what is right, as those who are convinced that only they are right.

Darrick said...

Explanation is Futile for those who closed their mind.

"Eye Opener" like this will only appeal to them as a "Wall of Text".

The GE Community never fails to amaze me especially if there's a contest. All of them wants to win and no one likes to lose.

"Truth Hurts"..

Anonymous said...

Well, this is pretty much expected. In any contest, there'll always be a winner and a loser. And your mood depends on which side you fall. It's a sad reality. *sigh*

Either way, congrats on winning. It's all for the purpose of having fun and most probably, everyone had this in their mind until the results came. Tsk tsk. :P