Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can feel teh lurv~!

This be teh month that I finally felt teh universe conspire to help me in meh GE life.

Nahmba wan:

Gavin quest, done!

Who's the bigger betch nao? >:3

Finally gave teh Ice Betch her just desserts. Nyahaha. But I couldn't haf done it wifout teh epic borrowed equips. xD Ya know who ya are. ;D

Nahmba toooo:

Inside GE's sewage system..teh stinkzorz xD

Finally got my ass inside Reboldoeux Culverts. Teh mobs be packing quite a punch thar. But it be a naisu place to power-level to s3xpartz. I even saw Mahoney & Mulann of the LC Faction taking a power nap. :3 Good thing I wuz still wearing teh wise man necklace from Gavin's quest. Helped a whole lot in AR & DR stuffz.

Nahmba thwee:

I was hoping to get to Zeia that same day that I went inside the Culverts, but things didn't go teh way it wuz planned. I wuz just running around Culverts until teh fegs in squad chat told me I should be in channel 1 if I wanted a peek at Zeia.

And true enough...

O hai thar, Nar! :3


That be my friend and sole faction member, Trianna. Hehehe. We were both thrilled, we nearly kissed Zeian ground when we got there. xD

Too bad we didn't last long outside the place. Fakken mobs were like raid bosses AR & DR wise.

Still, it be a good experience to be thar. :3

Nahmba fowr:

Stupid me. I has a couple of EXP cards rotting in meh inventory, until I decided to do this...

and this...

which resulted to this...

I really feel like weeping nao. Two farking years in teh making of clean living...that is, no macro or bot for meh girls. And nao they be s3xpartz! T^T I r be liek a proud momma. :D

Nao if only I be getting my elem to s3xpartz too..

Nahmba faaayv:

Following meh 2 girls' promotion, I had help from Vashal, Chinensis, Xei, Reclusion and everyone else from OC and a few friendly peepz to whack teh huge...and I mean huuuuuge...Avalanche Apparition! Sorreh there be no screenies for that. >_<

Teh epic trio of convoluted lurv~!

DeSanggria & Chinensis lurv trio in a yuri & buttsecks pictorial XD

Yezzzz! I has her! I has her at last!

I didn't haf teh heart to change her name to something else, so I stuck to naming her Selva (even if there be dozens of her wif teh same name running around town XD).

I cannot thank Vashal enough for helping me from Chaos Requiem, to Gavin, and to teh epic quest to get Selva. So yah...even if he doesn't wants it...thank you, feg! :3 No srsly...my heartfelt thanks to you. ^^

My epic gratitude as well to Reclusion (who helped me loads in more ways than one :p) and to the people who helped me with HAA right when everyone else was busy with PY. I lurv j00 all!

And today, I celebrate all these accomplishments with a tall order of Starbucks Espresso Frappuccino. :3

Cheers! ^0^


A-chan said...

Wapak! Congrats, congrats, congrats! Totally deserve it. :D

(Oh yes, hi Nar!) ^_^

Omg, that ice area looks so nice! Too bad you're too busy getting hurt to enjoy da view, ahaha. :P We'll get there in the future rin, tralala~

Lol @ last pic, seeing double!! :P

Divinicus said...

congrats on all of the above!

DeSanggria said...

@A-chan: nar looks like a baroque bouncer or sumthin. XD when you get to novia..there be no tiem fer sightseeing. LOL.

@Divinicus: thank you!! *breaks a sweat* XDDDD

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

it is teh DeSanggria for teh epic win of epic!!!!


DeSanggria said...

@NineMoons: *salutes* thankies! ^0^

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Umiral na naman kamenyakan mo, bruha. =P

Grace Mulann said...

waaa DS caught me napping ><
grats on your experts~