Friday, March 27, 2009

DO WANT! (/*3*)/

Teh GE 2009 Diary.

I badly wants it. T_T

But sadly, it's only given away as contest prizes. There's no way am I going to get my hands on one of these. *le sigh*

*is somewhat contemplating on stowing away on a plane bound to Korea, hijacking the IMC office and demand they give me one of these.*

Images ganked from Reimaru/Blacksword. >:D Wish I could steal his diary too.


Grace Mulann said...

let's go make our own diary xD

Reimaru said...

okay time to hide my diary to a safe place XD

DeSanggria said...

@Mumu: i be teh noobs in photoshop. T_T

@gaymaru: harhar akin na yan! >:D