Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I love about Rembrandt

I started playing GE back in 2007 in Cervantes, the first PK server. Over the next few months, I subsequently moved to Caravaggio, and lastly, to Carracci, upon the prodding of some new found friends from Outcasts Faction.

Being a casual gamer, playing in a non-PK server made me enjoy the game a whole lot more. I was able to level in peace without the anxiety of watching my back for potential players who will just PK you for no reason at all. Some say that getting PKed is the price that you have to pay for choosing that server, but I beg to disagree. This is probably why I totally enjoy being in a non-PK server because I can really enjoy the game and at the same time, engage in meaningful friendships with other players.

One of the many things I love about the newly-merged servers of Carracci and Pachelbel are the people. Carraccians are generally a mix of friendly and competitive players, while Pachelbelians are the peaceful bunch. Put those two in one server and you'll get a bunch of people who love to socialize and help out others.

No, really. If you're looking for a friendly server, Rembrandt is the place to be. Here are the reasons why.

  • People are generous in lending assistance to those who need help in their quests, etc. I've experienced this myself when I got stumped with the Frog Fish part in the Bahamas quest. We all know that the FF is in demand with so many factions hunting for DHr, so it's really nice to see people actually lending their help to form squads to assist others in finishing this quest.
  • Brington's Auch Drama. This is something that I look forward to every Saturdays. Bringston stages a nice drama RPG starring his Auch Infantries, and people actually stop by to watch. It's nice to know that players aren't just leveling their characters or going into raids...they also enjoy a good activity organized by another gamer. Too bad Bringston's laying low to take care of his real life commitments. :( Hope he comes back soon.
  • Conversations over at the broad chat. Who would've thought broad chats are just used to advertise whatever it is you're selling? I get really amused in the afternoons (peak hours of Rembrandt server) when people just broad something funny or discuss something hilarious. It's either we've got loads of microphones to spend, or we just want to have a fun time talking to each other.
  • Server economy. Back when we're still not experiencing this dearth in vis (LOL), Carracci was one of the servers that had decent economy. I was just appalled that Vet Scrolls used to cost 100+ vis in Caravaggio. I think that even with the so-called recession in today's servers, Rembrandt remains to have the most reasonable prices for some in-game items.
  • Rembrandtians are prolly the most artistic bunch. Looking at previous contests, there's just a deluge of participants coming from this server. Some noteworthy artists include Reclusion, Tokoyoshi, Mulann, MilkCarton (aka Kelvinator, the King of Captions), exebolt, and a whole load of players who excel in video-making, fanarts, comics, stories, etc.

...and some personal opinion:

  • Le Conquistador Faction. Ok, so I heard that there's something going on with their decision to turn neutral, but nevertheless, LC is one of the friendliest factions I had the opportunity to talk to.
  • Outcasts Faction. Prolly the only faction that I will call home. :) These are the Pinoys who really value friendship over items. I miss our rowdy bunch. /end emo rant XD

Although, I'm not saying that the other servers don't have their fair share of goodness. Of course I won't ever forget my friends in Cervantes and Caravaggio (now Bach). I believe that my overall experience in GE is a mixture of the good and the bad, and this is a given in almost all online games. The only difference is that I remain a steadfast GE gamer and will continue to support & love this game.

Ok, this was a rather sappy entry. XD


Grace Mulann said...

aww DS
you forgot, Rembrandt has one of the most passionate bloggers and CCs too

you :O

DeSanggria said...

*scrathes head* dunno about that but i'm just doing my job. :D

but thanks for teh kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

This entry = full of wub.

Tee-hee. *sprinkles hearts on it* :D

DeSanggria said...

@trianna: *le glomp* :3

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Wala, busy ngayon mga OC members. Kailangan ng mga seniors ng panggatas ng MGA ANAK...

Ako naman busy sa pagkuha ng baon, este, sa summer classes. hehehe