Sunday, March 15, 2009

Faction Feature: Le´ Çonquistador's Garim Raids

Wow. This article is long overdue, but I'd still like to write about this nonetheless. :)

I was privileged to have been able to talk and bond with one of Rembrandt server's most active factions, Le´ Çonquistador (LC). Headed by its faction leader, Mahoney, together with deputies Ichihara, devilz and Additional, this raid and Colony Wars oriented guild has amazed me in more ways than one. Not only are these guys active in in-game events, FL Mahoney encourages his members to participate in artistic activities. No wonder you'll find some of SEA GE's artistic bunch in this dynamic faction.

I did this interview back in December of 2008, right when most factions are already into raiding Garim's Nest. Perhaps these days, venturing into Garim's territory might be a walk in the park for some, now that Serpent and a few Constellation weapons and Expert stances have become available. But for now, allow me to let you take a peek on how LC works as one solid group.

DeSanggria: Hi guys! Can you tell me something more of how you prepared for this raid? How many people are needed in this raid? What's the average/recommended AR/DR?

Mulann: The raid itself can accommodate 30 families and LC goes on an average of 14-20 people to do this raid. I believe the average AR/DR of our members are around 58-64.

shalador: We also had "guests" from other factions like CrystalNovalight and Patronum and myself. A few of us were even yelling out warcries before we started.

Note: Back during this interview, shalador and Patronum were not yet in LC. Patronum was the FL of NekoMiko before she and her members joined LC.

DS: What sort of tasks/assignments did you delegate to each member? What armors/weapons are recommended for this raid?

Mulann: 1 Super/Imba Tanker is enough. The rest, Musks for DPS. Most LC's bring their own Scout. We also used Rio for attack/speed buff.

devilz: The tanker needs at least +5 EMS 3DR with El 92 shield 2DR will do pretty ok, just need some potting. We normally down it with 64~67 DR without buff or wings. As for AR, it needs to be at least higher than Garim's DR to provide more efficiency in provoking..with 2 provoke rings preferred. For equipments, I would say at least a +5/+6 EMS with El 92 2DR shields. Block and res is quite important because Garim deals both physical and some ice spells.

DS: Would you say that Musks are essential in this raid as well?

devilz: Ranged characters would be preferred for this raid because Garim deals real painful damage to even El92 armours equipped melee characters. Without block or good armours it's quite difficult to use skills on Garim while potting. Elementists can be an optional choice but due to Garim's tough skin, it does take some time to down it. Long hours of spamming skills will be
quite tiring.

DS: Having done previous high level raids, what was the most difficult part/challenge that you encountered in Garim's Nest?

Mulann: Gathering people -.- takes ages at times lol. I'm happy to see LC is moving according to the flow; all are on the lookout for people who needs resuing, and moves in timing with our tanker. As a buffer/resuer, I try to buff and resu everyone as much as possible.

shalador: There was a place where we had to protect a crystal from both sides. The veteran of this raid was slightly nervous about this part even though the mobs were fairly low. Must have been alot tougher before the nerfing, I think.

¤ All ¤ Star ¤ Faction's Garim raid where Mahoney & Ichihara first experienced the whole thing.

DS: How was the first raid in Garim's Nest like? Were the other succeeding raids any different from the last?

Mulann: LC's first raid to Garim's Nest was surprisingly easier than expected by our leaders who experienced it first hand with AS. I heard it was nerfed though. Everyone made sure to eat Hrin pots and wore wings but the best part was how the teamwork went during the raid.

shalador: Rather long and exciting. No other faction was there to ks~ XD (*cough E faction cough*)

devilz: Only Mahoney & Ichihara were presented at AS's Garim raid. The only confusing process is the splitting lane. Other than that, the rest is pretty normal, which we are able to handle without difficulties.

DS: Was there any strategy you used to defeat Garim?

Mulann: 3x Musketeers families for DPS; Fighter/Claudes - tankers and always lead the raid; a few Elementalists - Mob Control AOE; Scouts/Rio- buffer/resuer

devilz: Penetration effect is the key towards these tough boss. For now, I can only recommend more Outrage users to kill Garim quickly; it's best if with dino stats, but I don't really recommend players to actually chip for that stats :X

shalador: Do not try to be china hero and attempt to tank the boss alone.

DS: What were the loots you got in this raid?

devilz: The only loots worth mentioning for this raid is Le Noir (29 DR series armour) and Garim's belt recipe/ingredients. The probability of getting lousy stuffs is pretty high, and those loots are difficult to satisfy the overall members' expectation for that raid. So most of the Garim raid participants are not rewarded, despite wasting their 500 reputation points and time.

Mulann: The best and Rare so far: Le Noir Musk

Usual items:
5x lvl 92 chips
2x lvl 100 chips
lvl 100 items
e84 items or worse, recipes -.-

LC's first Garim raid

DS: Does LC plan to do frequent Garim raids in the future?

Mulann: Depends, but grinding 500 reputation points for E84 recipes/items may not seem worth it. Probably just to have some fun and kill time.

devilz: The loots alone, I believe, will stop many factions from counting Garim into one of the daily raids, as it does not promise rewards. Even GOF is better lolz.

DS: Why did LC undertake such a quest/raid?

Mulann: To test new bosses and train for it.

shalador: No idea. I think they had been planning this for a while, then I got invited on the spur-of-the-moment thing.

DS: Any plans to take on Sekhmet? XD

Mulann: Sure, why not? Hehe. But currently, we are engaging on the Brain of Argus.

And just a few days after this interview, I got an invitation to join the raid! Back then, I didn't even have the qualifying AR/DR for this raid, but just for the sake of experiencing the thrill, I went on ahead.

I see lots of blue stars.

Someone's waiting at the end of that crystal wall.

And just as we were waiting on those 2 sides of the huge crystal wall, we all got DCed from the game.

Teh epic lulz.

It was a short-lived experience, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was truly an honor to have been able to interact with such group of really nice people. :D

My hats off to the brave and the bold, Le´ Çonquistador Faction! Here's to more thrilling raids and rewards for all of you! ^_^

and everyone else in LC faction for being so hospitable & nice ^^

For more information about LC, visit:
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Grace Mulann said...

wooo Great job DS!

DeSanggria said...

hehe. thanks mumu! hope i gave your faction justice. :D

kelvin said...

nice nice~

Maho said...

Pokes Desanggria~
Sincerly thank you for making an effort to gather materials for this writeup xD.

As FL of LC, it is an honour to be interview by you. Most importantly in this game we all played is the game play that bonds us together.(More Garims or other raids)
Come raid with us if you can. our doors will always be open for you.Pokes xD

DeSanggria said...

@kelvin: thanks! & thanks as well for dropping by.

@Maho: hehe. it's been really nice talking with you & your faction & i still hold that high respect for you & your members. :D hope i can stop by & join you guys in one of your raids soon.

more power to LC! :)