Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Event plugs for CCrew & Domination 3

I have 2 very important things to let you all know about. ^_^

March Community Crew Quest: A screenshot contest!

I'm inviting everyone to send their submissions for the March Community Crew Quest: Know the 7 Sins of Man! It's a pretty simple screenshot contest about the 7 sins, and we've already been flooded with a lot of entries. But we love viewing all your submissions, so do post yours if you haven't joined yet.

The lucky winner will win a whopping 70 ABS and a Grindstone back costume. ^_^

For contest mechanics and where to submit your entries, click here.

Contest ends on 31 March 2009, so don't think twice...join nao!

Domination 3 is but 2 weeks away! O.O

By next week it's going to be April already, and with that month comes the biggest event of e-Games, Domination III!

I just got word from CM Aethrin that he's inviting GE Bloggers to attend the event and write about the biggest gathering of GE gamers. And yes, he did say about giving away a few stuff here and there, so I suggest the dormant GE Bloggers to start clearing away the dust from their websites and to get ready for this action-packed event.

I won't reveal the exact prizes...I'll leave CM Aethrin to surprise you with that. ^_~

Hope to see you all on April 4 at the SMX Convention Center!

For more info about Domination 3, click here.


Anonymous said...

I has joined teh 7 seven sins contest! Hahaha. Love the idea, simple yet interesting. ^^

DeSanggria said...

hehe naisu!!! i saw your entry. :D

Anonymous said...

Ahaha, my sis will be posting hers this weekend. :P Daming entries no? Sana more than one winnar. ^_^

DeSanggria said...

it's going to be difficult to pick just one from so many entries. XDDD

Manny said...

I am so fortunate to be not just playing and blogging again, but finally get a chance to attend Domination again!

I will prepare for this event, AT ALL COSTS! Plus, I miss seeing you guys! :D