Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cirque du Soleil in June

RCM Hrin has recently blogged about the upcoming release of v.3.4.14, otherwise known as the circus patch. Ok, there's no official name for the patch just yet, so I just made that up XD.

The new patch looks promising, with new maps and a new RNPC to recruit. The cat pet will also be released in this patch, though I do hope it doesn't consume much pet food as Pigling does (still haven't got the pig luck's not really rubbing off).

One thing that got me salivating in Hrin's post was the update on the Premium Treasure Boxes! Every single item is worth something (especially those Constellation signs), so there's probably no better time to get that from the Item Shop (well, I'd be floored if they brought back the Phoenix wings though...I'd love to have that D:).

The patch is set to be rolled out in 18 June. I am somewhat excited about all this, in the sense that I'm assuming that this is going to be a more challenging map than Zeia. Speculations are already up and about, saying that the patch might herald the release of the Master Promotion Scrolls.

Gosh, the requirements just keep getting a lot more steep in every patch update.

Hrin is opening the doors to suggestions for the patch name for v.3.4.14, so if you happen to think up of something that would fit the circus-like theme, then do make those suggestions count!


In other news, a new GE server in Vietnam is currently up in the works. Based from what I understood in Hrin's post, Vietnam will have their own GE, although I think they're working closely with IAH. I'm not sure if I interpreted it as a new server, or whether Vietnam will play a distributor role for the SEA version of GE. Kindly correct me if ever I missed anything. :x

Nevertheless, I hope the GE community continues to grow, regardless of the server we all play in. ^^


Some stuff I picked up in the forums about jGE: They're getting seiyuus (or voice actors) for RNPC VOs!

For those who've watched a few anime shows and played a few videogames know how seiyuus can make or break the overall persona of a character. I, for one, have been a huge fan of the Japanese VOs for GE characters and I absolutely find their voices extremely suited for the role.

This blog particularly talks about the specific RNPCs that need some really kick-ass VOs. I've come across some familiar seiyuu names and needless to say, I would absolutely love to hear their voices in those characters!

And yes, jGE is getting their own RNPC by the name of Miyufu. They say she's a martial artist type, though she looks more like a samurai to me based on her costume.


Straight from the horse's mouth: Uncle Meepoktah tweets about plans for an upcoming GE tournament...Team Arena style!

Unfortunately, I suck at this, so I hope everyone else joins! Hehehe. This is going to be so much fun. I hope I can get to watch in the sidelines. XD


RANT: Does anyone read these days? I mean...seriously. There's another facepalm thread in the forums complaining about the re-scheduled maintenance. Yeah, yeah, another round of self-pwnt posts on why it wasn't properly announced. Kinda weird because I saw the web announcement early this week.

Get this: they say that not everyone checks the website and forums for updates like this. I nearly ROFLed.

Man, oh man...God save the world from pea-brained whiners. <_<

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