Thursday, April 23, 2009

Presenting...the Noble's Court!

If you've been spending a lot of time in the forums (like me XD), chances are, you've seen the Operation: N teaser that the IAH staff cooked up. Frankly speaking, the teaser worked wonders as it got everyone (well, most of the players who frequented the forums) abuzz with what the secrecy was all about.

Sir Lyndon unveils the mystery.

It was pretty mysterious back then, with speculations ranging from various things, that was, until someone cracked the seekretz with a preview done in other GE countries. Not that they had the same program, but rather the rewards itself.

Anyway, everything's all revealed now. Operation: N, or The Noble's Court, is actually some sort of reward system that gives stuff to players for reaching a certain family level.

I see an Ancient Shelter Pass listed there. Yay! :3

Players with family level 20 and who've completed the Vespanola's Ten Nobles Quest (Bahama series of quests) will get the consumables listed, plus a flag back costume. However, those who've finished the same quest but have family levels 25 and above will get an additional 30 day flag which gives DR+1.

According to Kaioujin, this includes your base family level plus the additional if you're part of a faction.

This also means that I will have to pick a side for my small faction (whether Royalist or Republican) if I will want to claim even the 30 day DR+1 flag.

Nevertheless, this is great news! There's going to be a lot of motivation for players to grind and promote their characters for additional family levels. Over the next few months, more Noble Ranks will be released, and I think the levels are going to be raised for that matter. I do hope the rewards are extra sweet for that. :D

Viscounts and Earls...sounds interesting.

Time to vet some characters then. *cracks knuckles*

Know more about The Noble's Court here!

Selva, the Knight Protector

Woooo! I gots teh goods! :3

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Grace Mulann said...

I threw all regular flags in the costume box =x