Thursday, October 8, 2009

The GE fanfic novel project

I'm back! Well, back to blogging, that is. I've missed this place after months of hiatus! It's great to be back!

I've joined yet again this year's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which means it's going to be another busy November for me. But what's got me so excited about this project is the fact that I'll be writing a 50k word fanfic on...what else? Granado Espada!

I have to admit that this is going to be one hell of a busy month. Although I'm really psyched to write this fanfic, the very same fears plague me every time I join this thingamajig, i.e., beating the 50k word cut, writing something that doesn't look like a pathetic attempt at novel writing, and making the story believable.

Right now I'm doing a bit of research on feudal/medieval Europe just to give me an understanding on the historical basis of GE. I admit it's already late to be researching a broad topic, but I wasn't sure if I can pull it off, that was, until this month. I figured that I basically know the ins and outs of the game and writing a fanfic novel of GE is something that I should really get started on. I've been wanting to write the back stories of the various NPCs as well as my own speculations of the game's end story, and joining NaNoWriMo will hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

I shall try to blog about the novel's progress here, as I think it's but fitting to talk about my novel writing woes about GE in this blog. Hopefully when the story's fleshed out, I might post a few snippets. :)

This is something that I'd like to do not just for myself, but for the game that I grew to love for the past 2 years.

Let the agony begin! XD


GE said...

Just thought it might help your research to know that Granado Espada was originally set circa the 17th century (key words: Scientific Revolution, Baroque, Early Modern Europe, Counter-Reformation). At one point Taiwan GE's web site had a lot of historical background for the era. IAH also originally had a school partnership that emphasized GE's historical content.

As it evolved, Grandado Espada turned into a historical remix - including Victorian tophats and 16th century quasi-Aztecs. Off the bat I can't think of anything medieval about GE, though.

DeSanggria said...

hello sara, it's nice to see you visit here, thanks a lot. :)

well i did get to research something about those. i took off searching for stuff about europe during the 16th century/age of exploration with reference to marco polo, ferdinand magellan, spain's annexation of neighboring countries, philippa gregory historical fictions...well perhaps i've only seen the tip of the iceberg since i set off researching at a rather late time (wasn't sure back then if i should push through with a GE novel). & yah, i noticed that GE's reference isn't exactly that static in the sense that it only focused on one particular area. i guess that's the beauty...and the chaos behind it. imagine researching about certain historical eras then jumping to the next...ugh..cerebral mindfuck.

IAHed said...

Hey there, I thought you might find Taiwan's effort to provide historical background kind of cool. The link below is to Google translation of their Game Guide. Scroll down to where it says "Arts Center." Curiously, under the Chronicle link it covers an earlier period: 1483-1551. The Arts Center focuses on the Baroque as 1600s - early 1700s. Think "Three Musketeers" era.