Thursday, June 21, 2007


I finally got the girls at level 30 after much level grinding. Yeah, it's still a bit low level compared to those who are at their level 40s and up, but what the almost took me forever to get them in that current situation. I'm already in the process of leveling Alaena to 32 so she can don the Wallace Great Sword, a unique weapon I bought at the Auction house primarily because of its nice attributes and high attack powers.

I really like Great Swords because of its kick-ass design and the sheer mass. Fighters look dangerous wearing those huge weapons on their backs...much more if it's a glowing +5!

What I really want Alaena to have is the Heaven and Hell stance, which can only be acquired at level 40. It's still a long way to go, but I've got all the time in the world.

As for Verdandi, she's already using the Evocation of Fire stance. On the upside, I like the Hell Breath skill, which is somewhat similar to Uchiha Sasuke's Katon Blazing Fire technique. But she walks too damn slow! I have no idea how heavy those elemental bracelets are, but having Verdandi wear two of them is slowing her down! T_T She doesn't have a high level armor to protect her, and the team cannot move around that much with her trailing way behind. I really must invest on a new protective suit for her. I really love her current stance, but alas, I can't have everything. *le sigh*

On the other hand, I'm leveling Cyradis' Fortitudo stance so she can aid her sisters with better buffs. Her Healing stance is almost maxed up, though I haven't alloted the last skill point on the Cure All skill.

On a side note, I've created another DeSanggria family on the Pachelbel server. I figured that it's about time I tried the non-PK servers now that I have two families on Cervantes and Caravaggio. I have Althalus the Fighter, Azulan the Scout, and CeVanne the Wizard all on level 1 (hahaha..pathetic! XD). My other DeSanggria cousins (Armeo, Kahlil, and Raquim) are still stuck in level 7 though LOL. I really must devote some time to leveling them as well.

This made me think how NineMoons manages her other families in all servers. XD

Anyway, I'll be posting some pictures of the Zouk Raid Party (courtesy of Veya), as well as the latest updates on the DeSanggrias on the next post. There was an avalanche of work this week that I cannot just find time to write a lengthy journal entry of the three sisters. It'll be Verdandi's entry coming up next, and we'll all get to see how vain and bratty this Elementalist really is. ^.~

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