Tuesday, July 10, 2007

day 2 of colony wars: strategies for defense

The 2nd Day of the said in-game event was actually twice the fun and anxiety as factions with Colonies had to defend their keep from invading factions. One such group is the strong force of the Yakisobas. Fresh from their Saturday EB, this well-known faction went on an all-out assault for Colony takeovers and war declarations.

Of course, CARNAGE Faction did not disappoint as they gathered their forces for the defense of their 6 Colonies. I chose to let the girls stay behind and support the faction from the sides, as well as to chronicle the events as they happened. Again, I noticed a low attendance of CARNAGE member families, considering the fact that defending the Colonies were a lot more work.

Anyway, Lolo Seer mobilized everyone to assemble at the usual spot (Port of Coimbra Ch. 1). I was at Reboldeoux watching the faction chat for any developments. Platoons were soon given orders to meet in a particular area to defend nearby colonies.

I killed time by leveling the girls in Porto Bello, but I was still watching for any updates. Perhaps at one point I became engrossed in my own activities that I missed a few developments. Although I did learn that the Colonies in the Porto Bello Deserted Quay and King's Garden were soon occupied by Yakisoba and VIRLEAD Factions respectively. And naturally, the faction's HP boost went down from 45% to 27%.

It was then that the action started kicking in.

Lolo Seer gave orders to abandon the Colony in Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff to defend the ones in El Lago de Tres Hermanas and El Tejado Verde. It was then that VIRLEAD took the Desolate Cliff Colony as their property.

Faction Leader Overseer divulged the main strategy during that time: take the Yakisoba territories while they were busy claiming other lands.

Wow. Heavy.

To the rescue

Anyway, I later found out that the Hermana Colony was safe, and that the next stop was the Deserted Quay. At this point, I made a stupid move of going there to help out. I encountered a faction mate on the way to the area, but was later on taken by surprise at the appearance of several Yakisoba families awaiting us on some sort of ambush. And because there were only the two of us in the area (and the lag started to kick in at this point), we were easily taken down. I believe it was RavaNa who pwned the girls without so much as batting an eyelash.

Death by Yakisoba

An in-game shout-out announced that the Tejado Colony was successfully acquired by the VRADICAL Faction. Lolo Seer then ordered everyone to move to the area to reclaim the Colony, and then someone from the faction announced that another platoon's efforts to reconquer the Quay Colony was already on its way. After the success of getting back El Tejado, Overseer announced the defense of Tres Hermanas next. Scouts were ordered to equip daggers and install traps for an all-out defense of the territory.

After the dust has settled, I'm proud to announce that CARNAGE got 3 colonies after the gruelling two-hour battle. Not bad at all. Congrats to the mamaws of CARNAGE for a successful defense!

And another congratulatory shout out...


Great work, mga paps! v^0^v


filsimmer said...

Wow! Good thing you experienced CW! I didn't... But I'll get my chance. Looks like you are informed on which colony is attacked as well. Very useful...

Have a great at the New World! :D

DeSanggria said...

@fil: yes, please do try it one time. it's really fun. well, getting pwned by yakisoba is no fun, but i like faction activities. :D

i'm also looking forwars to updates in your blog. *hint hint* XD