Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where I work, favorite RNPC, failed mission and more work

This current addiction to GE has made me some sort of a "freak employee" at work. For one, I log in at work at the most absurd time of the day (6AM being the earliest) at leave at an equally insane one (9PM being the latest). So in most cases, I report for work for 15 hours on a typical weekday, not discounting the overtime stuff I do on weekends.

God, this made me realize how much I miss sleeping on my bed for 12 hours straight. Hehe.

On a sudden streak of vanity, I took a few pictures of my workstation using my cellphone camera.

Anne's cluttered desk

Pardon the small size of the picture and the clutter. My seatmate's a terrible hax when it comes to tidiness. XD

Notice anything familiar? That's right, it's a GE tumbler sitting next to the monitor. I rarely use it now because it's sort of coming apart. Don't ask why, it's just that way. I dunno if I chose the substandard one from all the batches we gave away for the press last January, but I have a bad feeling that I did pick the worst in the lot.

And just this morning, my seatmate, who also happens to be my boss, had this lying around the table.

The Zouk Raid Party Guest Pass

Wow, neat! I still wish to this date that I was able to attend the Zouk event as well. Must've been loads of fun.


I am currently working on populating the content for the temporary GE PH site, which is why I've been recently spending more time in-game after work. Last night, Nepomuceno, one of my faction mates in CARNAGE, invited me for the Trinity Mission. We set off to meet in Port of Coimbra Ch. 2 and warp into the quest room from there.

It took me quite a while to get there because of this totally abominable work PC that I have. In the quest room itself, the girls got wiped out by several Escudo Pechers coming from all directions. So there I was getting frustrated with the uber slow machinations of this PC while Nepomuceno handled the mission all by himself.

Massive failure

Yeah, so we failed. Damn.

I just wish my request for better hardware gets here by next week, otherwise I'm going to scream bloody murder.


While on my usual level grinding moments, I took on Idge's last quest. Having previously collected the Liquefied Talts from Mermen in Porto Bello, I took quite some time finding that stone in Jezebel Glen to battle with the Grim Reaper. I thought I was going to have a hard time again, but thankfully, I finished the mission, and I'm totally bowled over by the reward:

Idge's great news for me

Yay! I finally got Idge! I've been wanting to have her in my lineup, given the fact that she's my favorite RNPC (next to Adelina Esperanza).

Idge is now a DeSanggria

Exploring the city with a new team

Idge and Cyradis up close

I felt like skipping for joy when I finally added her to the DeSanggria barracks. I didn't change her name just to stay on with the Idge fandom, though she now carries the DeSanggria surname. I'm thinking of having her and Alaena do some serious level grinding in Porto Bello The Deck. Alaena's has only 2 notches to go before Heaven and Hell! I can't wait!

Man, this is going to be fun later at 6PM when I go online. Woohoo!

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